Finding it difficult to figure out what to do with my niche

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I have planned to work on Gaming Niche. But I do not know which games will works best in gaming niche. Please help me in this matter.
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    Ummm to work on? If you are looking for idea I would def suggest go play around on some popular gaming magazine sites, that is your audience so go mingle
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      Thanks for your suggestion. It will be helpful.
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    Do keyword research. You can go for broad terms like PSP, pc games, etc. then narrow it down.
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    Are there other products being sold in the gaming niche - info products. Etc.

    Products that are being sold successfully in the niche is indicative there is a market for it.

    So check out exisiting products that are being sold, what ads are appearing in magazines, Adwords, etc.

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      I think World of Warcraft guides are selling like hotcakes.
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        As far as popularity of games goes there are a few big ones. Starcraft 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, World of Warcraft and one that most people outside of the gaming world don't know about Minecraft.

        Not may people are monetizing Minecraft and it may be that the community is too helpful for you to be able to sell a physical product because they give the information for free (doesn't mean you can't try it out). But it is ridiculously popular and is still only in Beta. Just search it on YouTube to see how much interest there is in it.

        Guides on any of these games may be a good place to start though.
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          Also don't forget to check the ClickBank Marketplace, especially the products with the highest gravity in the gaming niche.

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    Interesting! I just started playing Medal of Honor - but I do know that online gaming is very hot. There's a lot of opportunity I believe. The down side to this is that the games are ever changing. Always upgrading - and moving on. So gotta be willing to keep up with it.
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