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I am only a newbie here. I had been a writer for years now. thanks god i met this forum. i already browsed different threads and i know, warrior will really help me develop.

as a newbie, i just want to ask for your advice on how i can make it in this business. my specialty is writing, (technical, SEO, copywriting, ebook)

i do not know how to find people that will trust me since i am a newbie though i have samples for you to see.

lastly, i don't know how to start a website. i am afraid to do it actually because my knowledge in HTML is very basic. and i can't find the right domain for me.

i will appreciate advice and suggestions. thank you.

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    What makes you think you need a website? You just said you don't have a business yet.

    The way to get writing work is to find what people want to have written and what they're willing to pay and then position yourself accordingly.

    For example, you could register as a service provide on Elance.com and apply for any relevant projects that people place for writing.

    When you have some work - get testimonials and use those to help get new customers.

    You don't need a website until you've decided what your service is, who it's for and what your message will be.


    nothing to see here.

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    In my opinion the best way of showing that you can write is by having an interesting and useful blog. Take part in forums like this with your blog URL and a link to your writing services page in your sig.
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      I am a writer. I think that a great first step would be to show the people on this forum that you are, in fact, a good writer by how you form your posts. As a writer, it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine when I see people lax on their writing skills in forums and in emails. There are a lot of people on here who may need a good writer and if your posts are well written and punctuated, that is a great first step.

      A great second step is to show people what you can do on a blog. Pick a niche you know a lot about, such as writing, and start a blog. I started one on Blogger and then moved on when I reserved my own domain.

      Third, it may be hard at first to break into sites like elance and rentacoder but if you are diligent and patient, you'll get that first gig. I use rentacoder mostly and I must have placed about 80 bids before I landed my first one. They gave me a ten and then it got easier and easier to find work there. Telling people that really puts things into perspective.

      Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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        You should look at the product called "WSO Secrets" by Justin.

        He explains how you can take a talent (which you clearly have)

        And make money with it here in the Warrior Forum as a WSO.

        For a newbie starting out, that would be my first suggestions.
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    lots of possibilities for you until you decide what your true goal is.

    1- offer your writing skills in a WSO on this forum. Articles / Ebook - to get some testimonials
    2- Write PLR on a subject
    3- Article marketing

    There are plently more I'm sure, but thats the ones that jumped out at me.

    Good Luck
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    Hello Alfred.doc,

    I just wanted to tell you to not be afraid or intimidaded by HTML... I know it can seem hard at first, but it REALLY IS NOT.

    I think that in a few years ( easly soner ) kaking a website will be like typing an email.

    You dont need a website to start making money online.
    But its really really nice to know how to do it and understand it. ( even just a little )

    I hope this helps you,

    P.S. Whats the worst thing that could happen? You loss a few bucks? Big deal!!
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      yep. i can hire writers. but the thing is, i don't know how to get clients. it is really hard for me to attract some. can you please advice me what should I do? I have a lot of sample articles here. I can easily send it to them. But the thing is, most of them do not pay attention...
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        I suggest, since you are a newbie here, feel free to explore around in this forum. learn from the people and try to post substantial comments. or, you can ask some of the providers here if they can hire you. there are many providers here looking for quality articles. you can do it alfred.doc! believe me.
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