Business card for the company or product?

by jkiley
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I am having trouble deciding if I should have business card, letterhead, envelop, etc for the company or product.

I have several products and will be adding more and it will be a nightmare to maintain business cards, etc for each product....but it will be easier to market.

Any experience?
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    Do all the stationary and business cards for the company.

    Products can be listed on a separate line card and updated as needed. Some even print their line card on the back of their business cards.

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    Do a business card for yourself and leave it at that, updating them is expensive and overbearing.
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    Here you get into the mindset of what people believe about what a business card is or isn't.

    I have several business cards...they are built to communicate to a specific industry...Dentist, Restaurant guy, Real Estate etc.

    I don't believe in business cards being a name tag. ....those kinds of cards don't do anything to cause business to happen. they just sit somewhere and wait. I don't like being at the mercy of my prospect deciding on his own he needs to do something.

    I would encourage you to make business cards that promote the product..this gives you leeway to make stats or make product comparisons....testimonials...shocking quote...point people to the product website...limitless opportunity to stir emotion or curiosity.

    You can position your main company kind of in the background ( I don't mean visually literally) ...but I mean your company becomes the "higher authority" producing the product.

    The same approach can be taken with your other materials..there is really nothing wrong with it.


    ...As I've noticed in other business card related topics...most people havn't caught to too well to the power of tactical business card marketing. These things are largely still viewed as a contact info thing. ( YAWN! )

    You realize too...that no rule says you have to be the only one that gets to distribute your business card. ah ha! ...yes thats key.
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