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I first heard about IM in November and I jumped right in and have been trying to earn some money. I have NO experience with the computer other than simple internet/email use.

I started out by writing some articles and posting a lot to niche specific forums. At first I had everything going straight to a landing page (review page of product). Then I started blogging on blogger about the niche. I recently decided to focus on the blog and I got a wordpress site. I am not finished and I know there is probable a lot that I need to do, but I would appreciate any detailed suggestions. I say detailed because I am new to this and sometimes do not understand the IM language. I can not post links yet so I hope you don't mind typing in the url.

ivfsuccessstories (dot) info (My blog)

improveivfsuccess-lowercost.blogspot(dot)com (My review page)

I have sold some clickbank products but not as many as I had hoped by this point. Right now most of the links in the blog point to the affiliate page. Should I have them pointing to the review page where I send the articles? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I just took a glance and the first thing I noticed was a very quite way to "ask for the sale". You need to direct your audience to your product. I'd toss in some testimonials too:

    "testiomnial, bla bla bla," as told by Mary Martin OH.

    You may want to also point out "why" people like it.

    Most people are finding "this program" most beneficial for


    Add some images in the posts as well with your keyword in the alt tags.


    Need Adcopy help? I've helped many students go from zero conversion to 2% - 8% with my reviews and suggestions - PM me in Facebook for details.

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      If your main domain is something about stay at home moms, your index is showing.

      And it's been indexed in google

      If it's not, somebody has the same name as you, including .info, in a sub directory.

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        Cheerios- I know I have not really "promoted" the product other than a few links. I am unsure how to promote it; should I create a "review post" and have the links pointing to it? Should I create something in the sidebar? Also, should the "review page" be the first thing they see when they come to the blog, or should it just look like any of the other blog post? Also what type of pics should I put in the post? Thanks so much! Sorry for all the questions.

        Roaddog- I am probably going to sound very ignorant, but what do you mean when you say my index is showing? When I just typed my site in the bar it came right up. Could it have been that I was working on it? The stayat... thing is mine. To make a long story short, I paid for hosting to have a "guru" build a site for me. (Part of the package when you sign up) I think I got scammed because the site has not been set up so it was a waste of a domain name. Also, what do you mean by it has been indexed? Thanks again.

        New to IM, any honest advice appreciated!

        My blog (first IM project!).....IVF Success Stories

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    nice layout, very clean. Too much text and not much focus on the key catchy phrases. An average visitor spends probably less than 10 seconds on a single page before navigating elsewhere. The page has to capture the visitor's attention FAST!.

    Getting targeted audience to the page is important, especially since its a niche market on IVF. Anyways if you're looking for a way to boost traffic to your page, I might be able to help you out . Keep it up, don't give up. It's a good start!

    Free advertising for your services -

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      Follow this link For the index

      And this link for Googles index

      And you will see what I mean.

      Not sure if they are your site or have anything to do with them(it)
      or it's another site.

      Didn't really investigate that far

      Back to the original question, cute site.

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        I am a beginner and I know I am probably doing a lot wrong....more advice please! I added a review page, but I don't know where that should fall in the blog? The first page the viewers see, or just within all the other post?

        Kenetix- I would love help getting targeted traffic, but I really can not spend any money right now. I know that this business will take some investing, and I am willing to do that once I have made a little. Do you have any free tips?

        Roaddog- I see what you mean. But I don't understand why it is even showing up at all. It says that search engines are blocked. Also, when I was first trying to add my domain name I accidently added it as a sub-domain, but then I deleted it and made it a domain. Could this be what I had screwed up originally? Thanks for the help!

        New to IM, any honest advice appreciated!

        My blog (first IM project!).....IVF Success Stories

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          You need to put an index file in there, with something like... coming soon, a link to another site of yours, however you wish to use it. Will "cover up" the index showing.

          Go into notepad or whatever you have for text files, I have notetab,
          Write what you want to appear and change the .txt name to index.html. and upload it to the directory.That is the easiest way to do it.

          The site you were showing yesterday seemed to be in a subfolder, of a dot org with .info in the subfolder so it is hard for me to know without being able to see the way it's set up in your panel. Seems like you should get the person who did it, to go back and fix it. Sounds like maybe you need to make an addon domain.

          I recently had a addon domain with no index on it, that ended up with more indexed pages than the one I was SEO ing.

          Seems they totally ignored my robots.txt. Your going to find when it comes to the search engines, there are very few absolutes, despite all the bull you hear.

          Good Luck


          After rereading your post, looks like maybe you put the (ivsuccessstories) in a sub directory instead of its own, if you created an addon domain.
          There should be a directory that is the name of your addon, and that is where your files go.

          It's hard to remember all the details
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    Your first site only mainly shows an image above the fold. What you want is to have content and call-to-action there instead of an image of the sky.
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