When To Know You're Lucky With Article Marketing

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I've written around 10 * articles for someone in a niche that is very competitive. Out of those 10 articles there was one which did really well.

All ten articles were submitted to EzineArticles over a span of 2 weeks and one of them was in the Most Viewed EzineArticles category. It got around 2500 views since September.

Conversion rate was about 9% with the resource box.

However, I've done everything I could to see if I can reproduce this result but failed after 10 more articles. I didn't fail miserably but not near enough.

I've looked at the keywords I've optimized for, the resource box and the summary of the article. I even wrote an article with a similar topic just reworded differently.

I've asked a few close friends to look at the article as well. The only conclusion we came to was the article title. The only difference was the article title which was intriguing and benefited the reader.

I'm going to spend much more time on creating article titles. It seems to worth the time based on the results. Anyone have similar results they'd like to share?
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    Title is one of the most important thing because it creates the first impressions.
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    OK Steven... We are all waiting to see your input here

    - Jared


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    Did this article stay up on first page of it's category over the weekend?

    The articles that stay up during the weekend tend to get many more views than those that don't.

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      Originally Posted by Terry Hatfield View Post

      Did this article stay up on first page of it's category over the weekend?

      The articles that stay up during the weekend tend to get many more views than those that don't.

      The article was published on September 12th, Friday. Not sure if it stayed on the first page during the weekend though.

      However, my client did get 7 articles all with the same niche published on that particular date. Unintentional of course but EZA grouped these submissions and published them on the same day.
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    It could honestly depend on a number of factors.

    I'm assuming that since it had that many views, your article had to have ranked well on the search engines for whatever keyword you targeted in that article?

    I would suggest digging into your keyword research more, and thoroughly research each keyword in Google, finding out how many competing pages there are for each keyword in relation to the competing pages with that keyword phrase (search the exact keyword phrase in "quotes").

    The keyword you used in that article might not have had many competing pages. It is also possible that there might not have been an article on Ezine with that keyword that was ranked in the SE's.

    If you're in a competitve niche, it can be hit and miss sometimes. Just work on your keyword research and creating compelling titles with your keywords in the front of your article, as well as in the first and last paragraph.

    Hope that helps!
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