Go easy on Clickbank Vendors, guys and girls

by KenJ
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I am getting very concerned at the constant moaning and bleating about clickbank Vendors. Come on people. Get real.
I am a clickbank vendor with one product that does quite well.

I am not going to tell you my products for obvious reasons.

There seems to be a culture of hitting on clickbank vendors for cheating affiliates out of their commissions.
What you might not be considering is that most vendors are not savvy hackers. They do not know how to steal commissions or work the system in their favour.

I am a vendor with a quality digital product.
Clickbank offers me the opportunity to allow others to sell it for me for a commission. That's it!
I do not know how to steal commissions or remove clickbank hoplinks.

It is actually a small wonder that I am able to place my product on the Clickbank marketplace in the first place.
I am certainly not clever enough to do all the nefarious things vendors are accused of.
I believe that many people posting here in a negative manner about CB are not accurate in their comments
CB is a simple tool that facilitates online business transactions. This benefits the vendor and the affiliate. It is also a major earner for many people in the world of internet marketing.

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    That is all news to me. I knew there were some Clickbank problems, but it never occured to me that vendors could be the problem. I figured maybe Clickbank was skimming somehow... if there even was a problem at all.

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      The general idea that Clickbank and product owners are all out to rip off us affiliates in every way possible always used to strike me as ridiculous.
      But after installing a link cloaker on 2 blogs that promoted one product, a trickle of sales turned into a waterfall, while the other 2 blogs promoting the same product continued as before.

      Still possible that it was some strange coincidence, but...
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      Originally Posted by LegionNate View Post

      That is all news to me. I knew there were some Clickbank problems, but it never occured to me that vendors could be the problem. I figured maybe Clickbank was skimming somehow... if there even was a problem at all.
      Yeah, same here. Can someone explain how vendors rip affiliates off?
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    I'm a forum marketer, so no vendor has ever ripped me off.

    In fact, my recent harsh words have been against Clickbank, in defense of vendors.

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    ...A tachyon enters a bar.

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    I don't believe Clickbank is the problem here, they have too much to lose.

    I don't know how the venders can rip you off but people bypassing the affiliate link is a major issue. Sure the seller gets all the commission and the affiliate gets nothing for referring the customer.

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    There are problems in any platform, I've seen way more grave problems in other platforms than on CB.

    Some people are quick to point the finger at CB, yet they still use it... it's all understandable, with money comes many mixed emotions. Like this fella recently who in one thread was lambasting CB and on the other he was encouraging others to use it (no, we don't pay attention to that around here):rolleyes:
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    I don't believe Clickbank skims or does anything inappropriate. Why would they need to bother when they ALREADY take $1 plus + 6.5% per transaction. Their biggest interest is in helping vendors and affiliates make more sales on their platform.

    As a CB vendor I like the platform because it's easy to use, offers me the PitchPlus upsell feature (amazing to boost revenue) and access to affiliates.

    For those asking "how can vendors screw affiliates" ... there are a few ways.

    1) They could put a script on their page to detect affiliate traffic and send the visitor off-site and back through a new hoplink (their own affiliate ID). They could do this in a hidden manner in much the same way as a thief affiliate could hack a site and do the same thing to steal other affiliate commissions. This happened to me on my site and I found the problem + fixed it fast.

    I made a video about it here:

    2) Vendors could use optin lists and then send traffic back to their site through their own affiliate link. Technically this is not illegal, but it's HIGHLY unethical.

    Any good vendor has absolutely NO interest in this kind of crap. Most of us started as affiliates. We appreciate the traffic you send. You deserve every penny of the commission you earn.
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    I agree- a vendor would have to be an idiot to steal sales from his affiliates. I love using Clickbank to sell products, and like Chris said above, the pitchplus feature is money.
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