Should i argue to appeal the removal of my answer that was reported to yahoo?

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I've been answering a lot over the last week. I'm up to level three, and have top contributor status in my niche. I give informative, helpful answers, and at the bottom of 80% of my answers I put a link to my free report, so long as it can help the asker.

Yahoo has never said anything about this, and neither has anyone else. Is it possible just some competition reported my answer to get rid of it?

And if so, should I appeal the removal by having yahoo review it, or just leave it alone?

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    Yes, it is very possible for anyone to flag your answer if they think it is spam.

    I wouldn't bother "fighting" it - but would maybe go back and leave another answer on that question (if you can and it is really bugging you).

    Did you just quote a source - or did you say "download my ebook" ???

    Because the latter is quite spammy irregardless of your intentions.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    I wouldn't bother. They wont put it back so it would be just a waste of time. If you are banned create another account and start over.
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    Thanks. No, actually I said 'download my report', so yes, a bit spammy. But nonetheless, it was a good helpful post.

    If I do ever get banned, will my answers and links stay live, or will they be removed?
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    If you get banned they all stay there. Yahoo answers is a touchy thing but a great way to get backlinks.

    All the links are nofollow but I personally do not pay attention to that. I believe that a link is a link. Even if the search bots don't follow it. People will.
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    Your done..they will not unban you under any circumstances. There really isn't an appeal process its just there to make them appear fair.

    New account needed.
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