Is it worth using Niche packs?

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I have joined a membership site on learning Niche marketing etc...which I wont mention here, but needles to say they offer ready made Niche sites with all the keyword research and the whole lot. All youe have to do is basically get the domain name, host it and then drive the traffic. My problem is if the same packs a being offered to all the other members wont that saturate the niche full of similar looking sites content etc.. or is there a way I can still use these to profit some how?

Ideas & comments please

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    My experience is that any kind of "straight out of the box" packages have tended not to work for me.

    I never really started making any money until I decided what I wanted to do and just did it. I don't really have an explanation for why that was the case. But over the years, I have invested in many different programs that were designed to keep me from having to do work.

    I never saw any success until I gave it up and actually started doing the work myself.

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    I had people ask me the same question for the service I do.

    My answer is not EVERY person is going to take action on EVERY niche I give. But then again I do it daily and not sure the frequency you get them.

    Also if they are providing the content and everyone uses the same content then dont expect to make anything at all. The content at least needs to be different.

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      Ready made niche sites... yes they can work IF you're willing to invest some money (in order to outsource the re-design part of the whole process or you can do it yourself) and a lot of time. First of all you need to rewrite some of the content for obvious reasons, then you need to add new content and last but not least, you need to be one step ahead of your competition.

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      Originally Posted by aaron_nimocks View Post

      Also if they are providing the content and everyone uses the same content then dont expect to make anything at all. The content at least needs to be different.
      Yes, make it your own as much as possible. Be at least a bit different.

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    I see nothing wrong with Niche packs as it is just another strategy to use for a determine internet marketer. When you talk about saturating the niche. I was wondering what do you mean, asking this question? The reason I say this is because Internet marketing is all about creating a website for the masses or millions of people who are on the internet looking for a way to make money or to improve there lifestyle.

    If you can drive tons of traffic to your ready made niche sites, then I have no reason to believe that you will have success. There is enough fish in cyberspace to go around. If you use one of your niches as an example and throw the line, hook and sinker in the pool of these masses of would be looking buyers. Someone is going to bite or sign in to your optin form.
    Building a list would be my number 1 priority. If you do this first, you are going to have a strong foundation of subscribers who are going to want more of your advice, product knowledge for future sales. Its all about building a business with repeat sales.

    The most successful Internet Marketers are those who have enough knowledge and resources(bait) to feed the fish who are waiting for more.

    My greatest mentor with precision people relationship skills is Chris Farrell. I am a member of his site and he is able to send by email every week for 58 weeks knowledge of building a profitable website business. The bait is hooked with never ending prospects and its continually growing.

    So my suggestion for you Rob is to give it a go and promote those niche websites. You have got nothing to loose, but everything to gain.
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      Unfortunately, there is no 'plug and play' solution to niche marketing. If anyone knows of one, please let me know!

      Niche packs can make you money but they are not without their own headaches and work. Like aaron_nimocks mentioned, not everyone will take action on the niche packs they purchased. So, that is in your favor.

      But, niche packs need to be customized and traffic needs to be driven to your site. While a ready-made niche pack can lessen the learning curve of niche marketing, it may also serve only to delay and inhibit you as you seek to develop your own style of marketing.

      You can learn a lot from a niche pack and that may make it worth your while. But, I would caution you not to put 'all your eggs in one basket' with niche packs. Perhaps buy one and work with it, learning the in's and out's as you go.

      I would also warn you to be aware that some marketers sell niche pack memberships, which essentially lock you in. If you ever decide to quit the membership, your business is essentially shut down.


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    Niche packs can be a great starting point but IMHO, you need to add some of your own unique content into the mix. Of course, no matter what you use, the hard work is in the link building and promotion of the site.

    I actually did a case study on using a niche PLR blog - I added some unique content to the homepage and then, I think 1 article and did the most laziest backlinking ever in the history of IM. That blog is dancing between #1 and #none for the past several months for it's main keyword but has pulled out a few sales (2 this month which translates to about $20) You can see the case study here - PLR Blog Case Study

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      Niche packs are a great way to get your site going. Often it seems that some of the articles in these packs are written around words that have a decent amount of searches, but a lot of competition.

      Doing some rewriting to add in some less competitive keyword phrases might help you do a bit better in the long run.

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      Niche packs are a great way to get a quick start in a new niche. Not everyone that gets these packs will actually follow through with them. Most will let the packs sit on their hard drive and collect dust.

      Even if many people do use the packs, not everyone will target the exact same keywords they exact same way. The people that succeed with these packs keep on working them. They add additional content, target additional keywords, find additional traffic sources, etc.

      It's those who are actually not afraid to get their hands dirty that can take one of these packs and turn it into a money maker.

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        I woluld like to say thanks to all who have input on this topic, it is all great advice and I am slowly soaking it all in.

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    I'm assuming that the course you're taking is arming you with the information you need to get started without buying their upsell products.

    Search around and look at other similar offers. There are a couple of people here who sell niche packs that might fit you better.

    It should go without saying that if it is for sale, you're not the only one using it.

    My problem is if the same packs a being offered to all the other members wont that saturate the niche full of similar looking sites content etc.. or is there a way I can still use these to profit some how?
    You can, and should take that content and modify it. Rewrite the articles a little bit, use a different theme, make it your own somehow. Should only take a couple of days and then you're not lumped in with all of the other ding-dongs using the exact same cookie cutter stuff.

    I'm all about that bass.

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