Does the chance of getting something free stop you from buying it?

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I own a custom shirt printing business and lots of niche custom shirt sites. My latest is

QR Code Shirts

I only finished it last week and haven't really started to advertise it yet. I put up a Facebook "Like" Box and so far 7 people have Liked it.

I was planning on running a promotion where visitors could win a free shirt if they Liked the page. I would randomly pick one person per month and send them a shirt with whatever they wanted on it.

Do you think giving people a chance to win one will prevent them from buying one?


Dennis Graves
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    I think it is good idea. The main objective is for maximum people to know about your shirts. If they like them, they will buy it.

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      Yes, I suspect that it will change the buying thoughts of your prospective customers, especially because they have to leave your site and go to facebook in order to like you.

      So instead of buying a shirt from you on your site, they have to leave, sign into FB and then like you in order to maybe get a free shirt. Then maybe come back to your site to buy a shirt.

      It sounds like a lot of leaks from your sales page.

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    Originally Posted by dnsg View Post

    Do you think giving people a chance to win one will prevent them from buying one?
    Depends. If they really want one, they're going to realize the chance of winning one will be small, so they'll go ahead and buy.

    If they want one but can't afford the expense right now, they may sign up for the chance of winning one. But those are potential customers still, and, if they do win one, they may be more inclined to buy one in the future once they've seen the value and can more easily justify a future purchase.

    And, of course, you'll get people that are just looking for a freebie. And that's okay, because you get some extra promotion out of it.

    I wouldn't drive people away from your site though in order to do it. What may be a good idea is, on your site, ask them to join your mailing list for a chance to win a t-shirt. Then, in list messages, you can offer them another chance to win by liking your Facebook page.

    That way, you've captured them so you don't lose contact with them and you're still able to encourage action on your Facebook page.

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