Weight Loss and Dieting niche experts!!! I need your input

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I have just completed a Weight Loss and Dieting Interview Series. I really need some experienced IM'ers to look at my sales page and give me their suggestions, thoughts, advice etc. I do not have enough posts to PM but I will provide the links to anyone interested in taking a look.

This is my first sales page and my first product and I am sure many WF members can relate to where I am. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Jim Cooper
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    Just curious I see you're a War Room member, is there any place to ask for site reviews in their?

    It seems to me that this would be a valuable feature for those with access.
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      I'll check. I have posted in a couple of areas and I got responses that I am posting in the wrong area and to post in the Main area. This is something new for me since I just finished the product so I am learning as I go.
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    well I'd be glad to tell you what I think of it if you want.
    my email address is contact@thepurplechoice.com in case.
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