Gonna create a digital product/ebook? Learn from Parrotsecrets

by dilnaj
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I was completely amazed after listening and reading this blog post. It's a great post explaining on how a digital product, Parrotsecrets, came about. The practical steps you should take if your gonna release your own product. And this proves it doesn't have to be in the IM niche to make money! Really it boils down to this - Find a MARKET/NICHE that has money to spend, provide a SOLUTION for their problem.

Check out the post here:
I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Parrot Secrets - Cringely on technology
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    Works every time . Thanks for bringing this to the attention of warriors
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      Classic stuff! This is also a good example of a evergreen product.

      Free action plan : Think less. Do more.

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    "May the Parrotsecrets be with you."

    Awesome, thx for the reminder.
    FREE "Anti-Information Overload" Affiliate Marketing Training Course!
    For serious beginners only. Step-by-step action plan included.

    Click here to check out my blog! :)
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    Simple. Effective. Profitable.

    The basics of business - a need and a way to fill it, starting for cheap. (around 2600 starting costs - which is much less than most ways to start a business.)

    Way to go parrotsecrets. And a great lesson for all Warriors.

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    Originally Posted by dilnaj View Post

    And this proves it doesn't have to be in the IM niche to make money!
    I've always subscribed to the belief that real money is made outside the IM niche.


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