I'm new to this exciting world!

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Hello Warriors, Jamie here, speaking from Glasgow, Scotland.

Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and it's members.
I hadn't even been a registered member yet and this place saved me $2000 by making me opt out of buy Traffic Revolution! I guess that's really why I became a member. So just to say thanks for the heads up to anyone who posted there with their warnings and BIG HELLO to all of my now fellow Warriors.

To a your great future!

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    Welcome to the forum and good luck to you. IM is all about trial and error, and so I would get started as soon as possible.
    I'm not selling anything.
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    Exciting? Actually link building is very boring and I come here on my breaks after I have met my daily goals, or I am so bored out of my gourd in the middle of the day that I pop in here to see what is new.

    The thing that is so interesting about creating your own income is the tremendous feeling of independence and accomplishment. And a freedom in planning your own day.
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    My First Kindle Book: Ten Days in the Land of Smile
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    Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Diane, I done the Challenge with Ed Dale... I know how boring link building is haha.
    But other than that it's all kinda new to me I only started to take an interest in late October 2010, so I'm still relatively new to this.

    Can't wait to get my teeth into it
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    Here's the best advice you'll hear (glad that I learned that from my parents when I was still a kid) :

    Forget about instant gratification.

    You won't be rich overnight because making money - online or not - requires actual real work and a lot of effort, especially at the beginning when you try to build your list, your product or your assets.

    If I were you, instead of jumping from trying to make 10$ here and there, I would start by getting a proper education in direct marketing.

    Money will still be there 3 months from now. There will still plenty of opportunities out there.

    One book that completely changed my life is this one - even if it's not about direct marketing being able to influence someone to do what you want them to do is so important for us marketers. Influence and conversion rate are intertwined together. Read this book 3-4 times and take notes.

    Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion by Robert B Cialdini (I can't beleive they sell that for 11$... a steal)

    After that you can get those great books :

    "The Ultimate Sales Letter" by Dan Kennedy
    "Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got" by Jay Abraham

    Hope this helps!
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      Hello Jamie and welcome!

      It's good to be informed about all those launches and products - and get reviews. You'll learn lots from this forum

      All the best!

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        Hi Jamie, welcome to the forum. Here's my advice: make a plan, follow it daily, have that business stand on its own, then go and repeat the process .

        Good luck to you.
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    Welcome to the forum you will get lots of good advice and great information here
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