ClickBank Copyright Violation

by Cory Friedman 2 replies
Hey Warriors,

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to get 2 different products listed in the clickbank marketplace (following every rule religiously) I called in and was told that there
is some 'copyright' issue flagged on my account, which only allows me to have one account, and was the reason for the disaprovals.

There is no way in hell I would have intentionally plagairized anyting, or violated anyones copyright, and from my best judgement all elanced work I've hired out has been 100% original as well.

Frankly, I have no idea how this could have happened. And it's killing me because I have several quality products with 3-4% conversions that are ripe-and-ready for affiliates.

Has anyone else heard or been through this situation and gotten clickbank to 'like' you again?

Insights and guidance desperately needed and appreciated!

-Cory Friedman
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    Did you ask them for details? What is the copyright issue supposedly with- your product, your sales letter, or what?

    I would list your products at PayDotCom while waiting for this to be resolved.
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      I think only CB can tell you what is going on. I would give them a call or email.
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