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Hello Warriors,

I have couple of whitelabel dating sites.
I need your advice on whether putting ads in classified ads will help in promoting my websites?
this way many websites will have my website links or web address , will it also help to improve my website in search engine?

Many thanks and all replies will be appreciated.
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    Several times, I tried to find some positive way allows me to make good revenues through classified ad sites. But, they didn't give me results as I expected.

    Can any one help to both of us?
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    Classified ads get you traffic only if your title is right.. You should focus on the keywords your are targeting.. Classified ads sure get traffic to your website.. No doubt in that.. I have personally used classified ads for my websites..
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      In my experience those tiny classifieds on websites seem to be ignored for the most part. As far as for ranking, the search engines are getting smarter about such sites.

      But classified ads as in ezines, yes they do work with the right publications. Even better are solo ads. Check out the directory of ezines for publishers targeting your market. I usually will also do jv with the publishers.
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    if you place it in proper category, posting periodically (not spamming) i think you might see some positive results.
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    Classified ads in my opinion... if you're trying to promote a certain product it doesn't work as much anymore, used to back in the day before lots of people started to spam these websites.
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    thanks guys,
    as for as as traffic as concerned i think it doesnt bring much traffic. I would only do it if it will better the rankings.
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    Depends if people are searching classified ads / sites for what you're promoting.

    Take a look at where you're planning on posting your ads - are there are other ads for similar products in the same / similar niche? If not (or there are very few), then chances are that form of advertising isn't worth the time/resources/effort.
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