Scammed by a buyer ...what can I do

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I am working as a full time freelancer and I have developed good business relations with people and companies across the globe.

I never ask for upfront payment or even mention about it, and usually I take payments from them after the work is 100% complete.

But often (not much only 2-3) I have come across people for whom I have done work and they have disappeared.

Is there anything I can do other than just forgetting about it and carrying on ?

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    If you still have the log-in details for their sites you could always remove them.

    I did that once - I simply replaced the new site I'd just done with their old site. They paid instantly!
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    But that's what happens.

    If you are selling a service or product...your customers needs to pay first. Then you deliver. Same is if your go to your local shop. You pay, and your get your goods.

    At the moment all i can say...learn from this and start asking money first.

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    Well you could have them sign agreements and sue them if they don't pay but you must decide for yourself if it's worth the trouble, especially if they are residing in another country.

    I wouldn't hand over the complete work prior to payment. Maybe just show them what you have done (screenshots or whatever) and them give them the full deliverable upon payment.
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    If you are using any of the freelancing sites, make sure you use escrow. I think most of them do, so only go through ones that are using it.

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      Compromise by utilizing an escrow service. If they object, maybe they are planning not to pay anyway.
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        Escrow services are powerful, although not infallible with digital services/products. The buyer can simply state that they don't like what you sent. Other ways are to either get half the money upfront, especially if you've worked with them, or to get payment piecemeal. For instance, if they've order 50 articles, do the first 10 and wait for payment. If they don't send it, then at least you haven't wasted your time on unpaid work. Repeat after 25-30 articles or however you want to structure it.
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    Foolproof method I use for design services:

    Get 50% upfront.

    Any serious buyer with no intention of messing around has no problem with this and it weeds out the people that simply want to steal your work. I have literally, in thousands of transactions had this fail me.
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    Learn from your past and always remember that before starting work.

    Always try to get milestone payment.

    And regarding your past clients....

    If you have any opportunity to punish them, just do that. They are not your brother who do not give you payment.
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    I think the STANDARD is 30% retainer, 30% after a set benchmark, and the rest upon completion.

    Some people will NEVER pay if they feel they don't have to.

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    You should always ask for some money upfront, 30-50% would be a good idea.
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