Do you prefer attending tele-seminars or webinars?

by ronr
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Webinars are great for things like demonstrating software etc.

However it seems so many webinars are just power point slides and talking. Or even worse just a view of a single screen with the presenter just talking away with nothing to look at. It's like watching TV with a frozen screen to listen to radio.

Also the sheer volume of webinars is getting to be too much. I'm invited to one or more on a daily basis. I sit in front of my computer screen enough as it is.

I'm thinking of now only holding Webinars when I have a visual presentation, for everything else using tele-seminars for events that really don't need visuals or to see the screen. I find them easier to present, more convenient for the audience, more convenient to download and listing to recordings later on mp3 player etc.

Which do you prefer?

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    GREAT question Ron.

    I would have to say I prefer webinars no matter what if they're the type that allows me to chat with others in the room. I love the chat function of webinars and the ability to connect with people.

    Even if it didn't have a chat function I'd still prefer the webinar though as I'd rather just listen through my computer not my phone.

    Really interesting question though for me as I have a course on how to run teleseminars that I've been thinking about relaunching but was wondering if there was still a market for it since webinars are now so popular.
    Maybe there still is as I'm sure you're not the only one who prefers teleseminars.
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    I'm in agreement with you, Ron. It really depends on the material to be presented, but I think that the majority of presentations are done in webinar format because there is much greater perceived value with the multimedia format of webinars, in addition to attendees being able to submit their questions via the question box and interact more via chat (if enabled). It seems to me like teleseminars are a dying breed, as I literally can't even remember the last time a marketer offered a teleseminar presentation.

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      Unless the presentation has a graphic component that requires the visual, I prefer the teleseminar. I can plug a headset into my wireless phone and sit in a comfortable chair, or get up and move around, etc.
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    I prefer webinars that are really mor interactive. Not that I want to aska lot of questions, but if you have a need to ask one, the opportunity is there
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      Interesting responses.

      I agree that the interactively of a webinar can be a real advantage especially for Q&A.

      However I guess I'm thinking mainly of webinars that are selling something or interviews. Many of those aren't interactive and they don't take questions. They are mainly presenting information.

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