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Hi there...

It's about one week since I joined WF and thought I'd add a few things of note which have happened to me, (which wouldn't have happened if I hadn't joined).

1. I approached an article writer here to write 3 articles for me, which they did. When I spoke to this person on the phone, it seemed that they could do much more for me, and we are now talking about a new JV, with them taking the lead, rather than me. Magic!

2. I found a great PR offer in the WSO to submit a new press release for just $50. Again, great news as they submit it to over 80 directories and agencies.

3. I had a wonderful phone call today with a certain John Taylor. What a good man! He gave me some really useful advice, and I'm sure he will continue to do so.

4. I've found another article writer and submitter, who is writing more articles for me.

5. I found another WSO which provides a guaranteed amount of traffic for a certain price. And with the GBP/USD exchange rate, was certainly worth a test.

6. I've learnt a huge amount about IM which will both make me money, as well as save me money, just from hanging out here for a few days.

7. I've had my enthusiasm for internet marketing reignited. Long may it carry last.

Thank you WF.

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    Good stuff, Richard. Welcome to the community. I see you have already made some great relationships and found some good stuff.

    Keep it up.

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