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I have a basic question regarding article directories. I have read that you should "submit your articles to a bunch of good article directory sites". Suppose you wrote an article. This brings up three possibilities:

1) Submit this article to one directory only
2) Submit this article exactly the same way to a variety of directories
3) Submit this article to a variety of directories, but change it up a bit each time so that it is not exactly the same.

What's the best practices method here?

I'm wondering this: If you (hypothetically) already wrote an article for, then does not want that same article?

If a person wants to submit articles to 10 directories, it can become tedious having to write every article 10 different ways just to create some level of uniqueness for each article.

I have no idea what the standard submission concepts are for this type of stuff.

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    I have always done option #2, and it has never been a problem.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
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      Thanks tpw,

      I see you are a senior member here, so you must have a lot of experience. I don't plan to go crazy with this stuff, but I would like to be able to submit to a handful of sites at a time. They have to decide if they want the article anyway. So I'll send an article out to a bunch of them, and let each decide if they like want it in their collection.
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    i don't do too terribly much article marketing but i do use AMR by vince. i just hand spin each word and phrase to make it uniuqe, but when i'm just going for driving traffic i don't. big time directories like ezine i've tried sending the same article and sometimes it gets declined, but i agree, i don't think it's neccesary to make each one uniuqe. in fact, i submit unspun aritlces through amr and eventually the majority of them get found.

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    Hey beginner warrior,

    I agree with option just fine..

    Another little tip to maximize your traffic you might want to turn your articles into videos its easy and can be done quickly or outsourced. Just take the original articles put them in power point format add some music and a theme and plug the video into TubeMogul (Free) or Traffic Geyser (Paid).

    Take Care

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      I've always gone with option 2, too. It's always worked fine for me.
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        Another option #2 guy here.

        The idea of "uniqueness" is overrated by several orders of magnitude. I could take a sack, fill it with a unique combination of garbage, and it would still be a bag of garbage.
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          Originally Posted by JohnMcCabe View Post

          Another option #2 guy here.

          The idea of "uniqueness" is overrated by several orders of magnitude. I could take a sack, fill it with a unique combination of garbage, and it would still be a bag of garbage.

          John... You have forced my hand...

          I am going to have to DUPLICATE what you said here in OTHER PLACES also...

          That was a classic, cut through the bull**** moment...

          Nice job...
          Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
          Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Dear Beginner Warrior,

    Make sure your articles flow well into your resource box and use anchor text with your keywords.
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    I think exactly the same way works fine as long as those article directories accept them. You may have to work out which ones do and which ones don't, organize them in order and then see submit them in order... i hope you know what i mean. just my two cents...
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    Take the easy path first. If it works... Cool Beans! -- you are done (Of course, a little common sense is sometimes required with this rule)
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      Another way to look at it is that if your articles are similar but unique enough, the search engines are more likely to list BOTH articles for that keyword search, which means you'd have twice as much chance of someone clicking it. If they both fall at the top, you will benefit for sure.

      Alternatively, if you rewrite with keyword replacement, you can rank more than one way for the same work.

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        If I will use the same article for more article directories (option 2). Is there chance to get this article ranked well on Google for Ezine article and as well for Article base for example? Or Google will choose only one copy of article?
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          I'd also like to second virtually everyone here and say option 2 as well.

          This is the first thread where only Bill has mentioned that awful word - duplicate -

          Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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            Option 2 is good, the only think i would say is that at sometime google will possibly change their algo to weed out duplicate copies of content on different sites , when that happens you might wish you'd used #3 a bit.

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    If you use the same article on a variety of directories it can still get ranked for different directories.

    Many times I've seen the same article on different blogs and article directories ranking on the first page of Google's organic search engine results so clearly no issues with using the same article.

    I like to tweak my articles a bit before putting it on a different directory for my own reasons but if you don't want to do that I would recommend that you don't link from a published article back to the same article on your website.

    In those instances you are only giving the reader of the article a reason to quickly leave your site.

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