WANTED: Strategy Experts Who Want to Earn $$ Coaching Others

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Fellow Warriors,

My coaching program is exploding and I am in need of some strategy experts.

I'm specifically looking for capable and reliable individuals who want to earn some very nice dollars directing your expertise to specific coaching students of mine.

By "expert" I don't mean you need to have at least X years of experience. Years don't matter to me. Having gotten some tangible results does.

I don't care if you started last month as long as you can show that you 1) have gotten solid results in your content area and 2) can communicate and teach others to duplicate your steps.

With me as the head business and marketing coach, we will be working together to incorporate your strategies into my students' internet businesses. This is fun and gratifying work that makes a difference in peoples' lives.

I'm looking for individual experts in any the following areas:

PPC/Adwords strategy
SEO strategy
Clickbank strategy
Blog setup and strategy
Article writing & submission
Ebay strategy
Social networking strategy
Video & audio strategy

Note: You must have a commitment and interest in coaching people one-on-one via phone and e-mail. If not this isn't for you.

If you want to make some nice dollars teaching what you know to honest folks who want real businesses, please contact me right away through the website in my signature (below). The "Contact Us" link is at the very top of the home page.

In your submission let me know which content area(s) you could coach/teach and your specific background and results with it.

Any questions feel free to post them here.

Best of success,
Ken Preuss
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    Thanks to those who have contacted me. Please know it may take me a few days to get back to you.

    Anyone else who is interested in what I've proposed please contact me through my website or via PM.

    Thanks everyone,

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