Overcome Your Fears - Top 30 Awesome Ways To Build A Massive List!

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Alot of people do not know how valuable a list of clients are in their business.

One of my recent business clients has a hairdressing shop that was going broke, she was upset on the phone and was crying, when I showed her how to use a list, and database properly offering specials, two for ones, discounts etc she not only TRIPLED her profits, but she had to hire 3 extra staff to keep up. It basically saved her business....that is how powerful having a list is....

Anyway, here are the top 30 techniques I use each week that add many clients and potentially BIG income each month.

1) Youtube, make a video with and show your website link down the bottom

2) You all know the true power of social Networking, this works well for me. Top ones include YouTube; there's Facebook; there's Twitter; there's
MySpace etc...and many others.

3) Put a squeeze page on your blog, and when you post, add a optin box at the end of each post.

4) Strike a deal and joint venture with someone in your niche you know has a big list.

5) Don't waist traffic. When someone clicks off one of your webpages, make a pop up squeeze page offer.

6) Press releases. Oursource someone to write a good press release and post it to the top 10 press release sites.

7) Classified ads.

8) Ebay. Make sure when you are talking to your customers you mention your site or just have a resource link at the bottom of every message. IT can bring you lots of traffic, and people signing up to your squeeze page offer.

9) SEO or search engine optimization. Learn how to do this yourself or outsource it.

10) RSS or “Really Simple Syndication.” RSS is another way to get lots of your unique content out in cyberspace.

11) Podcasting, if you are good at speaking or and prefer audio over video and text, you can use this.

12) Respond to other Youtube video. Linking directly to a website is considered spamming, but you can link to your video that has links to your website. Lots of people watch YT videos, but they also read other peoples comments.

13) Direct mail ads. This is putting a small ad in the newspaper with a link to your website...or a squeeze page. It can be very cost effective and get a good targeted audience.

14) Ezine advertising. You can advertise in many ezines floating around the net, to build your list.

15) Banner ads. Not manny people do this, so banner ads are fast becoming a cheap way to get traffic to your site and build your list.

16) Advertise your business on the radio. You will be surprised at the response you will get.

17) Use mobile SMS messages or mobile marketing. This is going to be big in 2011. So it will be a good time to utilize it.

18) Giveaway your best stuff. Yes! Dont make them pay for it, give it away for free, and that will actually help your business as you can plug more stuff to them once they are on your list.

19) Guest blogging. Post a good content on other big traffic blogs. They will send you nice traffic, and build your list exponentially.

20) Blog Commenting on high traffic blogs. Never spam, always include valuable advice, and always add value to what the blog post is about. No one likes a spammer.

21) Hand out business cards to your friends, family and business associates. Be sure to include your website in bold so it stands out.

22) Use the SRDS, the Standard Rate and Data Service. it's a great way to buy or to rent lists and then send out to those lists and then drive those lists back to your offer! Pure Magic.

23) Sponser events, dinners, award nights etc and get your name out into the smaller communities.

24) Use tell a friend forms on your website, and get your list cranking on overdrive viraly.

25) Use GMAIL ads / advertising. I use this and it proves to be very good for my business. When people open a email gmail picks up keywords and places ads on the top of the page directed to people looking at specific topics / niches. Quite sneaky, this one shhhhhh ....but very effective.

26) Use the WF in here and do ads swaps with someone who has a list the same size as yours. It is a well know strategy to get your listing building cranking on overdrive.

27) do what is called a "customer squeeze" so when someone purchases, make them sign up again and when they optin they are now a lead for something else (single product / continuity site)

28) Word of mouth. Make sure you have a high quality product that gets everyone talking. especially in forums.

29) Google TV, that is fast becoming a good resource to help increase business. Must check it out.

30) Buy someone elses website. If some has a website to sell and is already getting traffic you can buy this and direct its traffic to a squeeze page on your main site. Genius!

There you go, now go build a big list of prospects and watch your INCOME explode!!
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