Do Older Sites Really Rank Better?

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Do they rank that much better? Is there a big difference between a site thats 1 month old and 7 months old?
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    maybe a little for 1 and 7... probably more for more difference... just my experience anecdotally...
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    I am wondering the same thing....I have sites ahead of me that don't match my backlinks in terms of PR or # of backlinks, but my site is much newer than theirs. It comes down to a patience game.
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    I don't think that a matter of months would make a difference, but a matter of years might.
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      Originally Posted by officer_iron View Post

      I don't think that a matter of months would make a difference, but a matter of years might.
      Agreed. Domain age indicates that you've been around for while, which usually means you aren't going anywhere in the future. It probably doesn't help matters that most spam sites are usually not that old--thus Google has to watch newer sites more than they do older ones.

      That's not to say that a big authority site like CNN could spam the net and get away with it.
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    Well that is the usual case for me. But I hear other people who gets better ranking than older sites. I dont know how they do it though.

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    Well, older is not measured in months, but years. Sites that are several years old do rank better. I have one site that is online since 2001 and it still ranks #2 for a keyword which is not even one that site anymore. There is no way to push that site down in the ranks.

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    It depends on its content. But of course good sites that have been known for years may have more effective performance than those that were just established recently.
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    It's not a given that older sites rank higher, but older sites have a lot more going for them.

    Of course, they are more highly trusted and also have had more time to accumulate backlinks and those backlinks are older so I think that gives them an edge.

    As far as a 1 month old site vs a 7 month old site, I have found on many of my sites that after 6 months they seem to shoot up. Not sure why but I always assumed it was some sort of aging factor of the site itself plus the links.

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    I have got a 5 year old betting site that I haven't touched for about 2 or 3 years now that is still sitting in top spot on Google for a highly competitive keyword. So I definitely don't think it's a myth.

    However when you are talking in terms of months, I don't think there is a great deal of difference.
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