Actually giving a crap about your customers is time consuming!!

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Hello All,

I'm sure that thread title grabbed your attention.

I was referring to interacting with your customers via web 2.0. In particular, I'm talking about Facebook and Twitter.

I know there are tons of tools to make your marketing efforts on these two web sites more efficient, and I know that they are great ways to reach your audience.

However, after testing for a while with a new brand of mine, I realized that I don't like using Facebook or Twitter unless I'm using them to actually correspond with or respond to my customers/friends/followers, and I just don't have to do that.

It really bums me out because I would like to add these services to my marketing arsenal, but I just don't have the time to give potential customers/followers/friends the attention they deserve.

Anyone else feel this way, or is just another part of Internet Marketing that doesn't phase you in the slightest?
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    You maybe right. Though facebook and twitter are useful for marketing and reaching my ideas to people and placing my products to the market still I never stop searching for much better. I love my crap and I need to be on top and updated. As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it.
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      Hasn't really been too time consuming for me. Facebook, Twitter, and all that stuff makes it really quick and simple to drop a line and be like "I've been following you on eBay, good job!"
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