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I just posted regarding the ability to buy Digg votes with usocial and I was speaking to Gettsmart regarding subvert & profit's affiliate program...

S&P pay around 5% ($0.08 on a $1.50 vote), though usocial pay 25% with their smallest product being $105.

Do you guys think that this could be a good niche to market? And do any of you have any experience marketing anything like this?
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    As I understand it, to rise up the rankings it's not necessarily the amount of votes but the quality of the people voting. (apparently diggs algorithm bases this on things such as the length of time a user has been on digg, how often they digg, the quality of the posts they dig etc).

    I came across this exact topic on another forum, but I'm not sure whether it's acceptable to post on here since the forum itself is black hat based.
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      I think you misunderstood...I wasn't asking about the algorithm or anything else like that, but the ability to earn cash marketing usocial. I'm basically wondering if anyone else has made money marketing a service like this...but as far as I can tell the only other service like it is subvert and profit and to be honest, I don't think their commission is good enough for anyone to want to promote it.

      But earning 25% with usocial is making me wonder...I'm just not sure how I would start marketing it, though I think if I figured it out I don't think I'd have much competition.
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