Don't Be Afraid To Show A Little Muscle! Check This Out!

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I just woke up and figured I'd check my emails. To my delight a few good things happened.
1) Amazon finally approved me as an affiliate (no big deal, however it's a step forward)

2) This thing is pretty awesome, and I am thrilled it has happened.
I recently spoke to Market Samurai support due to the malfunction in their keyword software.
Here is what I wrote -

Whenever I try to find ideas for keywords, I get this notice :
"Market Samurai has found no suggestions from the Google Keyword tool.
This may have occured if Google's data centers are updating, or if the adult content option in project settings is disabled."
Now, I know this is an issue you are aware of, as it is already in your list of things to fix, which I am glad to hear.
The main problem I am having with this is the time I am losing due to this.
I am in the process of building my first website, as instructed in the online course which brought me to this software, "The Challenge" by Ed Dale.
To be frank, I am very upset with this problem. It has been happening to me for a while now, and my trial is ending in less than a week. I have also had a few other, minor issues with the software, things like the software getting stuck, or randomly losing data.
The software seems to be very powerful, however reliability is also a factor when providing a service.
I don't know how close you are to resolving the matter, although I hope you are close.
This software comes highly recommended by many, however my impression of it is not sufficient for me to buy it. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to fix this problem, along with an extended trial period, or discounted price for the paid version, as this time lost cannot be restored. I should be compensated for the work I was not able to complete due to the software malfunction.
I thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Now Check out what they wrote me as a reply -

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your email.

Google made some updates to the way the Adwords tool presents CAPTCHAs. As a result, Market Samurai was not able to correctly interface with the Adwords tool.

Market Samurai has since been updated to deal with the new format, and you can download and install the latest version via the link below.

Registered email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Registration key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unique download link: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have extended your trial period by an extra 14 days, and if you decide to purchase the software within your trial period you will be able to do so for the discounted price of $97.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


Rachael xxxxxx
Support Shinobi
Noble Samurai: Creators of Market Samurai -

I removed the private download details they gave me, however I swear this is real. I am so pleased with this result.
This just proves to you that with moderate amounts of assertiveness, a lot can be achieved.
This deal is pretty much undeniable now, I guess I'm going to have to buy it at 97$, unless the software breaks down completely... Fat chance!:rolleyes:

Anyway, I just wanted to show you guys an example of a rare, pleasing encounter with online support.

P.S For obvious reasons, please don't go using this exact wording if you deal with them.... You can go along these lines, but an exact match complaint will get me snadboxed by Market Samurai.
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    wow that's impressive customer support indeed, especially since you are not a paying customer yet

    no wonder people rave about this software in this forum for some time now.
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      Doing business is so much easier when both customer and vendor are polite...
      Signature - PPC agency

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        I'm been using market samurai for a few years now and I'm not sure what's better the software or the service. Great company!
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    This is an example of company with good customer service I like market samurai too and I use them my self.
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      The idea of a lifetime customer relationship not only makes your day go a lot better than fighting with everyone all the time, it can help you earn a lot more money in the long run.

      That was a well written email you sent them and a great response back. It is nice to have the reminder that there are a lot of good people out in the world.

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        Originally Posted by JMichaelZ View Post

        It is nice to have the reminder that there are a lot of good people out in the world.
        You are saying this about me, right??:rolleyes: --->

        No sig, good day m8...

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    Market Samurai and the company behind it are both excellent examples of quality and high-value. I love market samurai.
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      Lol, they got in touche with me a second time, without me replynig or saying anything. The terms keep getting better!

      Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for getting back to us.
      I've made a few changes to make things nice and simple - I've extended your trial to a total of 30 days from today, and I'll also issue you a discount code to ensure that any time you purchase Market Samurai you will be eligible for the discounted rate.
      To get the discounted $97 price, you can use the discount below.
      Please click on this link (and please DO NOT share it): YOU GUYS CAN'T SEE THIS LINK -SORRY...
      This should provide you with the discounted $97.00 price.
      If do not receive the discounted price, please pay the full price at the checkout, then reply to this email with your PayPal transaction ID or receipt ID and we'll manually refund the difference.
      Alex Green
      Alex Green
      Support Specialist

      No sig, good day m8...

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