How to Edit PDF without Using Adobe Acrobat

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Have you ever been caught in a situation where you just finished a report or creating a product and you have converted the Word document to PDF and then noticed that you made a mistake?

What happens if it was just before a product launch or a report submission and you do not have the raw word document draft with you?

Is there a better way to edit your PDF document on the fly without spending?

I am serious.

What I am about to share with you won't cost you a single cent.

I will cover 3 methods.

1st Method:

Install Inkscape. Inkscape is a vector editor that allows you to create illustrations, it is something like Illustrator and CorelDraw. The only difference is it is free.

You can download inkscape here Inkscape. Draw Freely.

After you have installed Inkscape, import the pdf document and just edit. You can delete the text, shift the text around and you can add text.

Same goes for the graphics within the PDF document.


2nd Method:

Install Open Office.

You can edit PDF documents within Open Office Draw.

Go to - The Free and Open Productivity Suite to install Open Office.

And for your information Open Office is just like Microsoft Office but without the bells and whistles it is a basic Office program with Document, Spreadsheet, Powerpoint and Graphics capabilities.

And again it is free.


3rd Method:

Using PDF Xchange Viewer.

Well you cannot edit the text or correct the text but you can definitely add text and comments to it.

And PDF Xchange Viewer also allows you to stamp your PDF Documents.

You can get PDF Xchange Viewer for free here Tracker Software Products :: Downloads


I hope these few software solutions would help you to ease your PDF woes.

Do share too if you have better methods of editing PDF documents for free
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