Free traffic to your website ????

by Gary L
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I received this in my inbox. I did watch the video but does anybody have a clue about this product?

new free traffic

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    I've never heard of it. The method I use to get free traffic is the organic method.
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    I received this in my inbox. I did watch the video but does anybody have a clue about this product?

    new free traffic

    Hi Gary,

    Yes, I received and watched the video myself.

    However, if you watched the video in its full entirely, you would have realized that it was all about Lead Generation. An interesting concept at that, too! Well, actually, Ryan Deiss has lots of ingenious products out there

    Anyhow, it's all about how to get Buyers Leads for FREE! How to and and the source to go to! The key here is not just "a list of Potentional Buyers (optin or otherwise), but a list of REAL BUYERS.

    However, it is a $97.00 course (full McCoy Coaching Course), so I'm contemplating this purchase myself at the moment -- only because I'm in the Lead Gen Biz, so it doesn't hurt to have too many tools in your tool box, so to speak

    Hope this shed some light on what this video was about.


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    Frankly speaking, many I.M. products are repeating here and there. Some authors just change their product name to some fanciful/powerful or convincing names to bluff people that their system is a new system. Actually, many are the same old systems that we have come across it or know it that it has existed long time ago.
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      Just finished watching the video...

      I would say this system works because, it's something I did years ago to promo bricks and mortar business's...

      Bought lists of contacts in certain demographic areas and in the lifestyle bracket to suit the product being promoted...

      It works..had one customer manufacturing high class wrought iron furniture and his business just took off like a rocket...

      This course appears to show you how to find the list utilise it and re-sell the list to a lead broker...

      I'm not going to buy it because, I'm in the UK and assume that all the contacts like mailing houses etc are all US based...

      Though, for anyone this could well build you a fantastic buyer list rather than just an opt in list...

      It makes a lot of sense and for 97 dollars it's a no brainer IMO...

      You could do the same kind of thing at ball games or wherever there is a big crowd of people to hand out win something CPA offers to...

      Make cash flow forecasts in openoffice.
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    Lead Generation is ok, depending on the quality of your email marketing, and how many emails you can send a day
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    Want free traffic to your website? Try this: The Ultimate Fake Hit Generator - BOOST YOUR ALEXA RANK

    Not even selling you anything here.
    Time of thinking is over.
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      Thanks for the replies so far. I am going to purchase and look further into it. I will let you know what my feedback is.

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        No doubt that Deiss is very credible, and this is a great program.

        But the lead generation the program talks about is via direct mail. Presumably you'd have to be willing to risk $5k to $10K, at least, for your initial list, postcards, postage, etc.


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    As far as getting free traffic to my websites, I rely on Organic Search for about 80% of my targeted traffic. By using Original Content and doing proper Keyword Research and doing the proper steps to drive FREE targeted traffic to my sites, I receive good quality traffic to my websites.Hope this helps...
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      This is Nothing new. Ryan is just mixing offline with online marketing.

      Its is NOT EASY. Got to get the right list (try srds- Bible of mailing lists) then send out some sort of mailing (probably postcards as lead generator ) that takes the prospect to your website.

      Then sell these leads (so called "free leads") get your investment back (could cost thousands of dollars before you maybe make a penny. But no profit yet, until you get good at it, and can get all the variable parts of this business to work... Right.

      Can it be done profitably... yes, is it easy... no way!

      Like any business you will not do so well on the first round. Business is a constant refinement and improvements.

      Would you open a restaurant with no experience, with Just a manual /videos etc?

      SO either go work for someone who is doing it, or you'll need "mucho deniro" while you are learning the business, even if you bought a course!

      This is a real business, and if you want to play... you need to put money on the table... capice?

      A $97 course ain't going to get you a "home-run"! But is just the start of a loooong journey.

      Then you get the pot of gold, now you have to split your profit with "the partner you never knew you had when you started" ... Uncle Sam will be waiting for his cut. He'll take 30% and you do all the work and put up the mulla
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