How To Put Your Review Site Into Overdrive

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Allow users to submit their own reviews and publish them on your website.

I have a custom built script I use for my sites which automates this but you could just as easily allow people to email you and add their review to the bottom of any page.

There are a butt load of advantages here.

- You get return visitors because people want to see if their review got published
- You can collect email addresses of people you KNOW have bought
- Fills out the content on the page with natural words, helps your rankings
- Gives your site more credibility because it shows you arent afraid to publish an opinion apart from your own.

Try it, works wonders.
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    Care to share the script? I run a review website.
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      Smart. Thanks pal

      It Does

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      I run a review site, do you mind sharing the script?


      In Impossible you will find I am possible.

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