Money is In The List or it isn't ? List swapping What do you think?

by Mr.S
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List swapping is a great kind of joint venture that lots of experienced internet marketers have been using to grow their subscriber lists nearly instantly, but new internet marketers seem to know little about how to go about it.

It's a simple technique, once you have found someone who has a list of a similar size and quality to yours. You simply send out an email to your list, sending them to your partner's squeeze page and then he reciprocates -- you are basically promoting his product and vice versa. You can grow both your lists enormously and very easily this way.

Is this ethical when you should be treating your subscribers with some respect? If you clearly state that you do not sell your email subscribers' addresses, isn't it a bit iffy to actually trade your list?

Should you stick to a similar or a product that is complementary to yours?
One technique being used is to agree to only send out that initial email with a free offer on both sides, that way there is benefit to both lists of subscribers. But couldn't that mean that if his freebie is better than yours, you could again lose potential customers?

There could be a lot of potential problems with a list swap, are there some rules you should stick to for successful swaps, and what are they? It seems that there could be a possibility of losing some of your own subscribers, or potential customers.

Have you ever done a list swap, and how did that work out for you? As a Warrior Forum member, would you recommend this technique to newcomers to the internet marketing world? If so, what tips would you give them? It will be interesting to read your comments and experience on this one.
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    I would never swap any of my lists, they are way too valuable.
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      Originally Posted by myob View Post

      I would never swap any of my lists, they are way too valuable.
      I agree, I tread my list like my purse, never go anywhere without it and never let anyone touch it or see what's inside
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    What are your primary ways of list building?
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      Originally Posted by Mr.S View Post

      What are your primary ways of list building?
      Almost exclusively solo ads, article submissions, SEO and offline advertising. Subscribers are promised that their information will never be divulged, sold or traded. If my lists are even swapped, there is no control over how they would be treated. I am always open to new product/service offers to suggest to my lists, however.
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    It is your subscriber's choice to enter their e-mail and other info to a squeeze page. Although, reciprocal list building isn't something I would do.
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    @myob Article submission is a great way I agree. Do you offer any affiliate products or services to your list? or is it strictly your own products when you send them an email?

    General comment:
    When you do an ad swaps you know whether product or service is worth promoting or not thus you have a choice to agree on it or not. The main point is giving value to your subscriber isn't it? You build a relationship with them but at the same time you want them to grow. Would you agree that it would be a beneficial to your subscribers to hear about good products that would help them succeed in their businesses?
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      The Money is In The List ... Everything is negotiable except for list swapping. What else you got?
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    I got your point
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