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I just read on a news site that all possible IPv4 addresses will be used up next tuesday and the internet is switching to IPv6 addresses.

A Link to Wikipedia about IPv6:

IPv6 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This means all regular modems will no longer work for the new IPv6 addresses. Does anybody know if there are already new modems available?
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    This has been coming for years and it's not something most people will need to worry about. You're not suddenly going to have to understand IPv6. The addresses are really long and complicated so it's more likely that your hosting provider will upgrade their systems and you won't even see any different and some new equipment will be fitted with it if they need it and not if they don't.

    nothing to see here.

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    its truly amazing how fast thing internet thing have grown big.

    most big web hosting companies still haven't adopted it. i guess we gotta wait.
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    Here is more information:


    However, that article makes it seem like it is going to be the end of the world. It isn't - I promise.
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  • The article I´m referring to was in Dutch and has disappeared now. But it said that modems and routers will not work with the new IPv6 addresses. Meaning if you want to see new IPv6 domains you have to buy a new modem or router. Since it will probabably take years before everybody has done that, having new IPv6 addresses means loosing traffic from those who didn´t buy a new modem or router yet. Therefore I wonder if it´s a good idea to buy a few extra IPv4 domains as long as they are still available.
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