Does Facebook Marketing Work? My thoughts

by Mr.S
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As with using any other social media platform, Twitter, blogs or forums etc., the key to successful marketing is the word "social". If you simply imagine that one of these social media sites is a new city you have moved to and you know nobody at all, what do you do? You seek out like-minded people, interested in things that you care about. With social media marketing you have to "hang out" in a virtual world, and join the right Facebook Groups for your product and interact - by being both social and sociable.
You won't get anywhere if you are rude, bossy and don't contribute anything useful when you post comments.
If you went to a cocktail party in your new city, the first words out of your mouth would not be about what you are selling. You would introduce yourself, listen to what others have to say and get into the conversation only when you have something useful or interesting to contribute.
You start an interaction, and before long you have people who like you. You then have a following of people who realise that you know what you are talking about and you are someone who also reciprocates and takes an interest in what they have to say.
Remember that being social is a two-way street. After a while you become known as an expert in your field and only then should you slowly introduce your followers to your product. By then they will trust you, like you and buy.
Facebook is a huge virtual city of people, all with needs and desires and looking for information, so seek the right people out and they then become your targeted audience.
This whole scenario comes under the heading of attraction marketing, and it works both offline and online.
So yes, Facebook marketing does work if you are patient and go about it the right way.
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    Its just like anything else in advertising, maybe it will maybe it will be too expensive and not profitable. You gotta test and measure.
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    if social media would be used an intended we would have no problems
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      I'm glad you started this thread. It's helpful to anyone new to facebook marketing and who is considering it. Like anything else, I think it works for some people and doesn't for others. What may work for me may or may not work for you and vica versa. It's worth the risk though.
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    Facebook = Alot of Clicks.. Horrible conversions. Just my experience. Although I must admit, I was never big into buying ads. (Adsense years back when it was actually worth it) But Facebook does give alot of clicks for the money.. The problem is, those people are not "Willing and Able Buyers" on facebook.. They go there to chat with friends/family, play that silly farm game.... you're best bet is to give something free (an ebook, coupon, whatever)

    But from my experience...I never had success with putting something for sale via FB ads.


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      Social media marketing (SMM) is effective as long as you know how to do it effectively... For me, there's nothing wrong with facebook... Facebook has lots of users making it a very good tool for SMM... I use facebook along with twitter and I can really get targeted traffic from the popular social networking sites...
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    What is facebook marketing?

    Is it friending everyone in sight, posting updates that are nothing but affiliate ads, and spamming people's walls?


    Is it sending very few friend requests only to people you are genuinely interested in and allowing your own list of friends to grow naturally and only updating with things that would be of real interest and value to others who are following you?

    Is it using your network to build affiliate relationships that reach captive audiences who are the client and subscriber bases of those like minded business people you network with?

    Are your updates unique, interesting, and noteworthy?

    Or are you another face in the crowd shouting "me too!"
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    It worked for me... You just have to figure out your numbers. X amount of emails = X amount of sales. X amount of calls = X amount of sales. Same with facebook. X amount of friends or likes = X amount of sales!

    You just have to figure out your numbers but it definitely is possible to help!
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    people are not on facebook for buying. facebook is struggling hard to find some monetization scheme for themselves, but unfortunately people are just not buying on facebook... too many games, too little real useful things
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      It does work for me sometimes and sometimes no clicks at all from facebooks irrespective of how many posting and updates I send to friends and fans..I personally think most people come on facebook to view latest comments and albums and not to follow external links..

      Any FB marketing tips given will be appreciated..
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      Facebook can be useful but is much more useful if you don't just randomly span but actually choose carefully your audience. Just like in e-mail marketing if people agree to receive your mail you are more likely to sell them, if people see that you post information that interest them and not just spam heir wall they will be more interested and are less likely to 'ignore' you. Like almost every type of Internet marketing, it takes patient.
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      Originally Posted by Nisip View Post

      people are not on facebook for buying. facebook is struggling hard to find some monetization scheme for themselves, but unfortunately people are just not buying on facebook... too many games, too little real useful things
      Hmmm.. I doubt that out of the 550 million people on there... that no one is buying.

      Try it out... if it doesn't work for you, then stop, and try something else!
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    There are some good resources out there on Facebook Marketing. I personally use it in two ways.

    1. I market one of my websites through a Facebook Group that I started.

    2. I post Facebook Ads leading to CPA offers. You have to know what you're doing to make this work, but some of us are making some cash doing this.
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    @ co-creator feel free to share what works for you, we are all learning as everything changes so fast
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    @ Nerd Gary it all depends on the niche. I have build a big follow page using facebook. It is all about relationship building. They will not buy because they are not ready. Someone mentioned facebook is is like a party and you want to be the cool kid on the block. Let them get to know you first offer good information and tips and than tell them if buy.
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    There’s no question with Facebook. It really has lots of users making it a very good way social media marketing. It would be as effective as what you’ve expected as long as you know how to use and do it well.
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    Facebook so far is the most popular social networking site nowadays so there using it as a tool for marketing is very effective.
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      I think it should work as facebook has the highest number of visitors after Google. You can try it and if it's generating good amount of traffic for your website, you can continue with it.

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  • Profile picture of the author moneysecrets can get more visitors from can increase your FB applications ad revenue and your website's ad revenue
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    To me, Facebook is more of a socialization situation than one that attracts people wanting to buy something. Of course, with its millions of members, there is a chance someone will be willing to make a purchase. Try it and build up. You might begin with a small budget, test the ads, and then build up slowly. I would not recommend Facebook advertising, but hopefully it will work for you. After all, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

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    Best Designed Blogs
    Based in Canada and the USA
    None of our work is outsourced

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    Facebook marketing does work but it also depend on what you sell there.
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    Build a relationship with people first don't sell them right away.
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    I'm assuming you're talking about trying to market products on Facebook "organically" meaning not using FB ads? FB ads= a TON of money if you know how to find the campaigns that work.
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    It's never worked for me, but I haven't put too much effort into Facebook. I mainly just use it so I can keep in touch and share pictures with family and friends.
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    I have made sales from facebook and I think if you have been there for some time, and "socialising the right way", people will buy from you if you offer stuff. Just like from any social medium, as long as people trust you enough, they will buy from you. From my experience, I would not use facebook as the primary source of my revenue but its worth adding in the mix.
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    Surely a facbook helps in promotion, but one must be knowing how to go utilizing and using the social media network of facbook.
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    There is many different types of Marketing On FaceBook. You don't have to make Friendships or anything. All you need to do is trick people into thinking that your trust worthy, when in face you just want to make money.
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        I think it does, just have some more people connected on your facebook and advertise your products, it will work as long as you know how to market.
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          Yes obviously Facebook marketing helps a lot. The official page of facebook has got 10Pr, also its visitors are above 2million or something.. Its just that the marketing should be done in a proper manner...!!
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    Facebook is great for marketing! It's where a LOT of people hang out now-a-days. If you know how to use it you can run very successful campaigns.
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