Submitting the same article to the major directories as you have on your blog to drive traffic?

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How do IM vets feel about posting the same content on your blogs to the article directories. Or is it better to keep your blog unique content & rewrite it for the directories??

I just want to drive targeted traffic & I keep hearing conflicting things.
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    I have done it in the past, but right now I am spinning most of my articles. Another thing you can do is if you have a rather long article is just add part of the article in the directory and have them go to the rest of the article on your site.

    You could also put the same article in the directory, but send them to a different article on your blog. I think it is best to not use the same article, but I have done it in the past and I will probably do it again, but it just doesn't seem right to send someone to the same article.

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    But I guess as long as that's your article and all you have to do is to spin it and submit it to article directories.
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      From what I've learned on here there's absolutely nothing wrong with submitting an article already on your site as far as SEO goes. Just make sure the article is indexed on your site before submitting it.

      You also want to make sure the directories you're submitting to accept duplicate content.

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        If you put an article on your site first, then write a differetn article that goes along with the one that is on your site and submit the second one to the directories, you will have somplace specific to link your article to.

        If you are going to use the same article in both places, publish it on your site first and wait for it to get indexed before you submit it to the article directory.

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    Nothing wrong with it as long as you wait for it to get indexed on your site first. Wouldn't link directly to the original article though.
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    I say, don't do this.


    You'll be ranking the exact same article and content twice (or how many directories you submit it too). Mix it up and give yourself a shot at hitting slightly different search queries with each variation of your article.

    The wording on version A might do well for Why don't girls like me and version B might do well for Why girls don't like me. It's a subtle difference but that is two completely different search queries that can bring you more traffic.

    This also gives you a shot at hitting that magic combination of words that google falls in love with and ranks very well for no apparent reason.

    This doesn't mean a full on 100% spin is necessary but make each of them slightly unique.

    Different titles, different headers or something. You want to reach as many people possible and submitting the exact same article everywhere including your own blog isn't going to go as far as keeping everything a little bit fresh.

    So fresh and so clean.

    I'm all about that bass.

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      Unless you can outperform the articledir there is no need.

      Instead make one TOP quality article and then link/wheel
      to it and let it push traffic to your new/weak domain until
      it becomes and authority and respected.

      Doing your homework and one article can make it. People
      many times think when they do not get traffic. Let's write
      more garbish and submit... sound like it will work? ;-)
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    I suggest not submitting the same content that you have on your site. It has nothing to do with duplicate content penalities or SEO, rather the perception of value.

    If someone clicks on the link in your bio box and is taken your site only to see the same article, then your website won't appear to carry as much unique value. I want people to stay on my site, not at the article directory, so I place special emphasis on making the money site appear to provide more value... even it means adding a few following up paragraphs/charts to the same core content.


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      Originally Posted by Andrew Barton View Post

      If someone clicks on the link in your bio box and is taken your site only to see the same article, then your website won't appear to carry as much unique value. I want people to stay on my site
      So do I.

      The solution to that, adopted by many professional article marketers, is to link back to their landing page rather than to another copy of the same article. The articles need to be initially published and indexed on one's own site first for long-term SEO purposes more than necessarily just for people to read them all.

      If someone stays on my site for long enough to discover that among all the other content there, there's also the original copy of an article which they've already read at EZA (or anywhere else), I'm very happy.

      This very useful thread contains much discussion of this and related subjects in which many experienced, successful pro-article marketers explain in detail all their (shared) reasons for publishing their articles first on their own sites, and getting them indexed there, and only then submitting them, unedited and unchanged, to leading article directories.
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    There are different readers in each article directory. You can submit the same article to various article directories but this is not as smart as submitting your articles to websites related to your topic. There are many websites that accept guest posts. Your website’s ranking will improve this way, and you’ll get targeted website traffic.

    I submit the same article to a few article directories, but mainly to different websites or networks related to my main topics.

    It’s a good idea to change your article’s title when you submit it to different websites. You’ll verify that in a certain website readers are too superficial and are attracted only by titles that promise success and happiness. In other websites you’ll find intellectual readers, who care about new discoveries. Therefore, you can adapt each title to your readership, using exactly the same article, without changing its content. Change only the title, so that you may attract more readers in each site. You’ll have fans in each site. The authors who submit their articles to the same places are your readers too.

    Don’t spin your articles. Write good articles that everyone likes, and don’t distort a perfect work. This is how your articles will remain online and send you website traffic for years. Write substantial articles; give lessons to your readers. Make your articles very helpful and interesting. Google will display them in the first results page when internet users will type in its main keywords. Work intelligently, without wasting your time mixing words only to submit more articles everywhere, because the next day all these low-quality articles will simply disappear from Google’s first pages.

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