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Just as the title says how do i get paid to write articles. Im a fairly good writer but where do I go to find the jobs available or companies looking for writers.
As you can tell Im new to this, I tried this a few years ago and just got caught up in guys selling me this and selling me that in which Im told to make money do the same thing sell a book. Spent too much money didnt learn a thing and made no money. Now I have allot of time as I lost my job so what to give this a go again. Any help please.

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      With globalization and the world wide reach of the Internet, the cost articles are as low as $1 per 100 hundred words. If you are living in the USA, you would honestly be better of getting a job that pays the minimum wage. It is differenet if you are living somewhere $20 as a day's wage is considered good.
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        You don't really make money writing articles
        That is bad information - nothing more. I make very good money writing articles though I do it part-time. Many others here do the same.

        The sources Alexa listed are great but I would not discount sites like and elance to get started. They are good for gaining ratings and reviews of your work and there are lots of jobs there.

        I got work through elance beginning in late 2009 and I don't take work from there now, I've made into 5 figures on the site and never a problem getting paid. There's a lot to be said for that.

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    If you want to be a freelance writer,what you need do is to register with some of these sites like guru,odesk,elance,freelancer to mention a few.Then you need to bid for jobs and if your bid is chosen,you deliver the articles and get paid.

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    Originally Posted by chinedu86 View Post

    If you want to be a freelance writer,what you need do is to register with some of these sites like guru,odesk,elance,freelancer to mention a few.
    That's exactly what I'd avoid doing, myself.

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    Just as the title says how do i get paid to write articles
    You may well find some/all of these resources helpful, Eric:-

    Jennifer Mattern's blog

    Carol Tice's blog

    Freelance writing jobs (minmum payment requirement of $50 per article to be listed there)

    Free report on how to attract new freelance writing clients during a recession

    The Renegade Writer Blog

    The "Irreverent Freelancer" blog

    The Well-Fed Writer: Lucrative Commercial Freelance Writing - Land Lucrative Freelance Writing Jobs

    Words on the Page.
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    Thank you everyone, this is very helpful information.

    Wow Alexa looks like I have a good 1/2 day of reading to do. I do want to get paid good for my articles and do whatever else will bring in the bling. Right now I'm not worried about how much just to start getting something in. I live in Thailand so my costs are low and I own a company here but my partner is now handling day to day operations so I'm out of a job and have allot of time to do things. Again thank you all for your help.

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    You can get pretty consistent business writing articles on Fiverr. One article for $5.. you're not going to make a fortune per article, but it will bring in business. Also people will write you positive reviews/testimonials which you can later use if you want to start any sort of online writing business.
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    I have started on to get started in article writing. After I got about 2 positive feedbacks, a guy there stormed in with 2 articles per 4 dollars. I did them all and he was SO happy that he rated me top for all of them. So did a 3rd party that I didn't really know.A user commonly storms me with 8 dollars worth of work at a time, once, he got me with about 12 of work. Now I currently have 40 pending as of this post. And I had already cashed out 40 from before in the last couple months.

    I used the feedback link in oDesk and got hired at 2 contracts in 6 hours after I applied to the 2 of them. Currently in candidacy for 3 more contracts.
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    • Profile picture of the author Piper Anderson and are two other good sources of freelance writing job listings. I started out making money online by freelance writing (this was nearly 9 years ago now, wow!), and I got my first couple of jobs off of these two sites, and from ( used to go by a different name, but it's essentially the same site it was back then, run by the same person).

      I've also used to get some jobs, but I've only picked up a few there because the pay rates being offered are usually very low. I've only gone for well paying gigs there, and got a few nice ones that actually paid what the gig was worth.

      I spent two years making between $12 and $16 per article as a copywriter for a company that has now gone out of business, but it was a good gig while it lasted. I'm approved as a freelance writer at several other places online now, including Demand Media, Text Broker, eCopywriters, and Content Current, but I usually don't waste my time with them unless I need some emergency cash, because the bulk of my income now comes from site flipping. And site flipping is a lot more fun and less tedious (not to meniton more lucrative) than freelannce writing, at least to me.

      But if you want to do it, there are TONS of places online where you really can get paid to write.
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    This site is a good source of people looking for article writers also.
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