Best German and Dutch webhost?

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Hey there fellow warriors,

I was wondering what you guys consider to be the best German and Dutch webhosts in terms of pricing, service and SEO?

Couldn't find a decent advice in English online or on this forums, so made a topic here.

Kind regards,
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      1blu has some very good customer support. If you call them there'll actually be a technician answering the phone. I've been with them for a year and their price are adequate. They're not the cheapest but reliable.
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      Thanks for the recommendation. The problem is that this website is completely in German, which I do not speak. So I can't check if they have multiple C-Class IP's on one hosting account.

      Plus I can only host 1 .de domain on their hosting, which isn't a lot.
      Basically, I'm looking for a german Hostgator.. =)

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        Alright, forget my last comment.

        Thanks for your recommendations!

        I just got of the phone with someone from Strato, which is an all-european hosting company and from him I heard that I can only OWN a german domainname if I have a registered address in germany.

        That means, I can get a domain name and hosting, but I will never own the domain and so be able to sell it.

        Plus the hosting is 10x as expensive as I suspected. At least for multiple domains.. What plans/hosting do you guys have?

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          The hosting with German hosts isn't necessarily much more expensive than with US hosts.

          A great hosting company is
          Domains, Webspace, Domain Webhosting, Server-Hosting Provider ALL-INKL

          Awesome support, their control panel can be switched to English and is very easy to use (German hosts typically do not offer cPanel).

          But I don't think they will offer you multiple c-classes.

          It's not too important though to host with a German host. If you manage to get the domain registered you can host anywhere in the world.

          The only restriction is that the 2 name servers must have different c-classes. But many US hosts can do this.

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    I use (german)
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    Try some USA or UK company if you can't find someone locally.
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