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Hi Every one,

I am new to this field making money online. I recently purchased a website as well in order to make some money but unfortunately i have not been able to get any considerable success. There are hundreds of companies who say that everyone can earn 4 figures within a week but such an attraction really looks a scam...My question here is that is there any reality in this making online money? How can a newbie start this procedure?

Hope to have a positive response from my seniors over here.
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    The biggest problem lies in finding the products,First try to learn what the internet is.Dont spend even a single penny,look around for atleast two months.Then you find a unique way to gain success.Insha allah
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      if you are new to making money online i know exactly how you feel. Forget everything most websites tell you about generating cash on demand through the Internet. Most of what is sold to good people these days is a bunch of bad advice and general information. Most of the time it will take you a while to generate some money online as you have to learn what to do...

      Dont be one of the lazy opportunity seekers who waste thousands of dollars on expensive products and programs that promise the world for doing nothing. You are smarter than that right?

      There are NO free rides to a successful business. The truth is this...You CAN get rich quick! Don't let anyone tell you it is not possible, because it is. You just have to KNOW what to do and what to expect.

      You have to start out with a realistic expectation of what "Quick" means first, or you will get burned time and time again online.

      If you can completely replace your current income and then some in 12 months, that is quick! If you do not think that is quick than I know of a few slick marketers that have a product or two to sell you at around $97 a pop...or just go to Clickbank and take your pick!


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      Originally Posted by masterjani View Post

      The biggest problem lies in finding the products,First try to learn what the internet is.Dont spend even a single penny,look around for atleast two months.Then you find a unique way to gain success.Insha allah
      No the biggest problem lies in what it is you want to do when you first start. Do you want to be an affiliate or a product creator or get into CPA? Then you need to find a hungry market...a market where you can solve a problem.

      It has NOTHING to do with finding a product at first. It has everything to do with your business model and then finding a market. After that you then find or create a product.
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    It's definitely possible to make lots of money online, but you have to work your way up. You are not going to wake up one morning with hundreds of thousands of dollars in your bank account. Nope, not gonna happen, unfortunately

    Buying a website without checking with someone who has some experience might not have been the best idea. But don't abandon the website, yet. Try to optimize your site for keywords that people are searching for in Google, try to get backlinks from other sites and move your site up in the search engines. Then monetize your site's visitors e.g. through Google AdSense. It's hard to give you actual hints without having any information on the site.

    Keep looking through this forum to figure out how to do stuff or have a look in the 'Warrior Special Offers' section of the forum, and buy a course there on how to get your website ranked. And then do it! If you dedicate yourself to it, you'll be successful.
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    Originally Posted by theShowStopper View Post

    There are hundreds of companies who say that everyone can earn 4 figures within a week but such an attraction really looks a scam...My question here is that is there any reality in this making online money?
    There is absolutely no reality in those "get-rich-overnight" schemes. Why would the folks that promise these things want to GIVE you thousands of dollars? If it worked so well, they would have used it for themselves and kept it secret!

    That said, it IS possible to make money on the internet, even for "ordinary people". There is a number of folks that are making money online, and they were newbies once too! But you have much to learn, so be prepared to spend some time and effort, and be patient and persistent. It's like earning money offline - you have to work!

    To make money on the internet you can either sell your skills, like building websites for other people, or offer a guitar course, or anything you are good at. Or you can sell services or products - your own or other people's. Or you can take paid surveys, fill in forms for companies and that kind of stuff.

    Many newbies start with affiliate marketing, which is promoting other people's products or services and get paid when a sale is made from your promotion. However, as said, there is still a lot of work to do to start seeing any money - even with affiliate business which is considered one of the easiest ways to start business on the net.
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    "Quick money on autopilot" is practically a myth, a legend, a fantasy...
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    Here are some things that helped me early on...

    1. Define the Market. Deciding who I wanted to help the most.

    2. Define the Method. Would I do Ebay, affiliate marketing, information publishing, or some other route?

    If the goal is only to make money then you'll get pulled by the dozens of ways that it's possible to do that. You will constantly be searching for the way, but not dedicating yourself to the method.

    Then you have to stay consistent and committed. Day in and day out. We all know this, but like everything else it;s easier said than done.
    Just PM questions : Paul answers questions about rapid product creation, recurring revenue and creating online training programs. Mark answers questions about SEO, organic traffic, & local business marketing.

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    Heya, I am quite new to the IM scene too. Been reading the forums for the last few days and trying things out by myself. So far it is going great! Just toy around with stuff, understand the basic concepts and start thinking like a marketer. Eventually, you will start having those "A-ha!" moments.

    That's all i could suggest! Good luck!
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    first of all you have to experience about that how earning through the web site.
    there are so many ways .but hard working is key of success .
    take care
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    4 figures within a week, by a newbie who has never done IM before? That is definitely a myth.

    While an experienced marketer with existing web assets could easily do this, in my opinion it's almost impossible for a brand new marketer to make 4 figures his first week.

    I'd advise you to stay away from any course/method that promises income like this. Be prepared to work hard and in a focused fashion before you can expect to make any appreciable amount of money online.

    If you can swing it, join the War Room here and educate yourself first. It is very possible to earn a good living using the internet, but please keep your expectations realistic. You're building a business online, and it'll take some time and effort to get it off the ground.

    Stay away from 'loopholes' and 'glitches' that either never work or may provide results for a short period of time. Focus instead on building a business on the internet which will generate money for you for a long time to come.

    >>> Features Jason Fladlien, John S. Rhodes, Justin Brooke, Sean I. Mitchell, Reed Floren and Brad Gosse! <<<
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      Originally Posted by saibee View Post

      There are of cause a lot many realistic ways of earning online. I suppose you have been a victim to some online scam. You must be careful in the ways you choose to earn money online. I have provided some considerable information on my blog about money making online.

      If you like you can check them there...
      Where?? I don't see a link!!
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    Making Money Online takes share determination and time. this is the ideal business for a single person because he/she has plenty of time on there hands without having to worry about children running around your legs every minute. Dont get me wrong, I love children. In fact I have my own. I have worked out a system where I stay up all night on a friday and during the early hours of Saturday implmenting and promoting my website.

    I have come to realise the importance of signing into google analytics to find out where the traffic is coming from so I can focus on what is important to spend time on rather than wasting time. The power of elimination does wonders.

    Also the amount of email coming thru daily. I delete and unsubscribe emails as a daily ritual and focus on one email at a time that is important to me and my website...

    Money is definately in the list. The bigger the list, the more money you make...

    Exposure is the key to get your website out there in cyberspace.
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      Im new to online marketing aswell but at the moment in looking at the information on but could i get some advice on what you think???
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    Welcome to the world of internet marketing. I wish you the best of luck. A word of wisdom is to make you a plan and work the plan. Also, don't fall for all the pie in the sky offers you will see all over the net. If you will focus on reading the post here on the Warrior Forum, you will get some valualbe training on succeeding in the internet marketing world. IM is a business and does require some work. Just take action and Go For It. You Can Succeed. Good Luck,
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    Try using forums search feature ? You gonna find hundreds of thread regarding this topic
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