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Gmail account got deleted!

John Jonas lost his gmail account and all his docs without warning.

He details it on his blog. It's a story I think every gmail user
should read, particularly if you use gmail for business.


My Gmail account got deleted!
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    Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to have to do a back-up of all my e-mails now...
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    A shame Ken, thanks for the share...

    I just can't imagine putting my business in the arms of a free service and hoping that everything will be ok... Unfortunately, it looks like John did and he's in a rough spot to say the least. I don't mean that to be insulting to him, he mentions he'll never do it again in his post... I hope he's able to recover his docs at least!

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    Yet another reason why you should remain as much in control of everything as possible.

    Own your own domains, hosting, etc.

    And back everything up on a physical hard drive you own. No one can take that from you (without a court order anyway)

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    what a bunch of a-holes. I use Google docs w/ my outsourcers - just the best solution to keep everyone on the same page. I resisted Google docs for the longest time but it is convenient.

    have to go back that crap up now.
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      Thanks for the heads up.
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        While I am not sure why anyone needs 170,000 emails to back up I know what it's like to lose stuff.

        Personally, I use clouds and S3 backups. MobileMe is great (!) and everything is backed-up in my Mail program, then shot up to Amazon S3.

        Peace. Of. Mind.

        ~ Bryan

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    Interesting one word...BACKUP. always.
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      How can this be? I have over 7548.190047 megabytes (and counting) of free storage left.
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    Thanks for sharing this information!

    It was a really terrible experience that John had ... all I can say that I will warn my friends about such case and also I can say that I am really satisfied that exactly gmail is the service that I am not using from Google and mainly I did that because I did not wanted to trust all my important data to such company that is doing so many things. I guess that they simply want to do too much ...

    They are the best search engine but they probably should not take and do everything just to become into all possible service offerer.
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    I had been told about Blogger blogs being shut down but had no idea this could happen to a complete Gmail account.

    Thanks for the info
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    Well that's good info to know. I use Google Apps/Docs. So I'll probably use a service like
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    As a side note, this can also easily happen to your Yahoo email if your Yahoo Answers account is slapped. In some cases not only do they take away your yahoo answers account they also terminate your Yahoo email, groups etc.

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    How horrible for this guy. Google is convenient, but I wouldn't entrust 170k emails plus my docs to them. *Hurries off to find a 1TB hard drive for backup*
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    Free e-mail accounts are worthless for business, and Google is way too full of themselves. They need to be brought down a notch.
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    I never thought this could happen to a Gmail account, but now I have different thoughts and will have to do some switching.
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    Damn! This is insane!

    I bought space from Google to keep up all my backups and NOW I discover this can happen to me?!?!?!?!!!!

    Say what????????????
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    Well, what REALLY stinks is that I argued about #3 for almost a DECADE! Heck, I did business with a company once that wanted to give EVERYONE a free email account, and gave ME one, and then went bankrupt. They held the domain name so I couldn't even bypass things to get my email. I LOVE it(sarc)! It expired over 11 YEARS ago, and it is STILL locked in limbo! NS tells the public (UP SOON)! They tell those that CHECK, HEY, if this was yours, you can renew it!

    For over 7 years I held true. Ironically, a hosting problem caused me to succumb, and NOW? NOW? I found that my site was shut down. 8-( They won't even let me pay them. OH WELL, maybe I'll get something better and cheaper. I BELIEVE I backed EVERYTHING up. of course, with google, I HAVEN'T. 8-(

    Hello! Please wait just a moment and a specialist will be right with you!

    You are now chatting with 'Molly A'

    you: HI!

    Molly A: Welcome to the Network Solutions Purchasing Department! How can I assist you with your purchase today?

    you: OK, ????.com says it is a newly purchased site that isn't up yet! Well, it says that PUBLICALLY! On the back end it says it expired over 11 YEARS ago, and asks if the owner wants to renew it. What gives?

    Molly A: im not sure, you can call in and one of reps can take a look

    Molly A: If you could please call into our support specialists they will definitely be able to assist you! Here is the toll free number to call for direct 24x7 support: 1-888-642-9675 for a domain specialist. If you are international, please call 570-708-8788. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    you: why can't YOU tell me? I was told that YOU are a specialist

    Molly A: this is purchasing, and this matter would have to be looked at by one of our support agents. they can look into it and give you more info.

    you: wow, you want to purchase something from ME? what do you want?

    Molly A: we are the purchasing department...did you want to buy something today?

    you: Well, I can't buy something from you if you aren't selling, so you must want to buy from ME!

    Molly A: what did you want me to sell to you?

    you: perhaps ????.com

    Molly A: that is not available

    Molly A: you can call in and find out why

    Molly A: Thank you for visiting Network Solutions. Have a great day!

    Thanks for chatting. I will close our session. Have a great day!
    They claim THIS clearly indicates it is paid to 2011:


    Is this your domain name? Renew it now.

    Current Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC.
    IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)
    Record Type: Domain Name
    Server Type: Apache 2
    Lock Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    WebSite Status: Active

    Visit for more information about ????.COM
    AboutUs: ????.COM

    Registrant: Make this info private
    Address removed

    Domain Name: ????.COM

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    Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
    Address removed
    Fax: 999 999 9999

    Record expires on 24-Jul-1999
    Record created on 25-Jul-1996
    Database last updated on 09-Jul-2004

    Domain servers in listed order: Manage DNS
    I GUESS that makes sense, HERE is what the status says!
    Service Name Expiration Account No.
    ????.com Expired
    Number modified. I guess EXPIRED under expiration means it ISN'T expired! Oh, and I know the guy that is supposedly paying for it. He was an employee, and left even before the company went bankrupt. I REALLY have to wonder what is going on. How can WE keep a domain name locked up for a decade?

    Thanks for this thread.

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    I am going to take backups from my gmail account.afraid now
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    Yeah it is a sting for him, but use it as a lesson to be learned. If anything is important to you on your computer, make sure you always have a backup and everything is always secure and that you are in the state where, if anything was deleted or lost you would be able to bounce back.

    This is even more -so true with a online business owner, as this can almost ruin everything.
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    This is scary. I use google extensively for my marketing and i need to do some back ups...
    Thank you for the info! Good stuff
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    yes, that sucks.

    Most likely, I have to say, it's not going to happen to you, it's unlikely, etc.

    But if it does, you will be in big trouble, aye? Not a nice feeling to have happen to you, if it ever does.
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    Because of this thread I have transitioned everything to go into my hosted email accounts and set up a forward to my Gmail account--since I love the gmail interface so much.

    I could have set up a Google Apps account but that was too much work. A quick email forward will just send a copy of the emails to my Gmail account. So if it is ever shut down they will all happily be sitting in my hosted account. Thanks for the heads up.
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