Scribd + Docstoc, PDF links NOT Clickable? can we control this?

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If you submit Pdf ebooks to scribt and docstoc, which are made on office org with clickable URL Links, and submit them for people to read, and click on the link to be directed to your page,

do scribd or docstoc put a control to make your links 'non clickable' ? (so they hover accross them and cant click?

as im sure i saw some of my uploaded ebooks links' were Not clickable,

so was wondering if docstoc/scribd put this control?
Can they do this? block all url links?

or would it be with my own settings?
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    Great questions mate.

    I am having the exact same trouble.
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      I just checked my docs on both sites and my links are working just fine. Not sure what the problem is as to why yours are not clickable?

      Are they clickable in the PDF when you create it?

      Ok, double checked and some links not working in docstoc. The faq says this happens sometimes, so will reupload and hope that fixes things.

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    In Scribd you can have links you just need to have them as "http://..." type links. I just paste the content into Google Docs with the hyperlink and then download as a pdf, then upload to the site. Works great...
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