How Video Marketing Can Really Rock Your World.

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I have been really getting soem great traffic and results with video traffic lately. SO I am just here to remind you that you should be using it in 2011 to get more traffic and sales.

When you do make your video and it comes time to upload make sure you:-

1. Put name & URL in the video description
2. Put your website URL in the video.
3. Put a call to action at the end of your video if you are selling something.
4. Offer a free report in the description...this works AWESOME!
5. include your email or telephone number in your description.
6. Use keywords others are searching for in your video description. You can research currentpopularity of keywords for FREE at google keywords
7. Use SEO keywords for your amazing video titles stuff like "how to learn the guitar" or "Free dog training tips" etc

Here are some of the great free sites you can post too.

First there is of course ==>

Here are some others.


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