Please can someone help me with my resource box

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I have this extremely low CTR, about 5.7%. I have written some articles but I have just saved it as a draft, hoping to seek help on how to write my resource box, can someone give me ideas please. thanks
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    sure. personally I tried different stuff before having a good CTR.

    here are some options you can try:

    - instead of writing a third person thing like "John Doe is an expert dog trainer bla bla bla", you can just kinda blend the resource box in the article body just like it was part of the article so people will actually read it if the content is good enough for them to read the whole article.

    - you can also basically start a new paragraph at the end starting with a question for instance. That's what I do sometimes. Like for instance the structure of my article consists of 3 main paragraphs all of them starting by a question (which is the title for each paragraph) and I just treat the resource box as the last paragraph. I write it in the same tone and put a link with an anchor text that is a call to action. Nothing pushy.

    The way you introduce your resource box isn't the only thing that will change your CTR, it's also whether people will want to click on your link. You need to make sure your readers know exactly what page they'll land on when clicking your link. Of course, the best way is to put a link to a squeeze page so that in the anchor text you can tell them that they can get a free report on this or that. It's better than just "you can visit my website by clicking here".

    Hope that helps a bit
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    I wrote an article about this two days ago.

    Not to plug my own site, but rather than copy/pasting the info here...

    Author Resource Boxes | PLR Internet Marketing

    Hope it helps.

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    do what michel has said your resource is all about "your call to action" make sure your not to pushy and leave over exaggerated claims
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