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I am wondering if someone can tell me what options are available when it comes to backing up my computer. I am using a laptop running Windows Vista.

Thank you.
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    Carbonite is an awesome automatic one that works with external hard drives.
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    I use carbonite and wont use anything else anymore been using it for 2 years and its amazing. It takes a bout a week depending on how many files you need to back up but after that it does it automatically.

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      Acronis True Image

      gets the complete OS and everything. It is truly the ultimate solution 1X yearly fee.

      If you've ever tried to restore a windows PC off backup files -you will know what Im talking about. Most backups will save your data files properly but the OS and drivers and configuration after a restore takes foreva!

      Acronis is a true total image of everything - your complete OS and data are ready to re image onto the computer if doing a bare metal restore.

      Also if you just need a subset of the data - you can reach into the image files and just pull out the data from a certain day for recovery.

      Pretty sure they do Backup / Image to a thumb/zip drive or memory stick too. My whole OS and data on my boxen is about 10-12 GB

      Backs up on autopilot to external drive, dvd, cd or online
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    I prefer buying an external HDD (i already have a 1TB) alternatively you may rip on discs (the old fashioned way)
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    I have an external hard drive. I actually picked up a brand new My Book Essential from Costco yesterday. It has 2TB of space, enough for me.
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    Acronis TI here too, backing up on a separate, second drive.
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      Yup Acronis True Image is the daddy would'nt be without it
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    I've used DriveImage XML (freeware) several times in the past when doing some data restoration from non-functioning systems. Admittedly, I always restore the image file immediately after placing it on my external hard drive to avoid accidentally damaging it. =)
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    win7 has its own backup feature, pretty simple. not sure whether vista has it. simply use it with a external HD is good enough.

    usually, backup twice each week.

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