Biggest obstacles in product creation?

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I'm working on a report dealing with the common problems a newbie could encounter on the road to creating an info product.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you guys might have about any obstacles or stumbling blocks that you've encountered and overcome in the product process.


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    Id say people end up developing products in markets that are not "desperate". As a result they see minimal sales and become frustrated.
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    Newbies tend to have the "Who am I to provide this?" mentality. They want to move forward, but they can't get past the inferior feeling of not feeling like they have enough authority.

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    It's either a confidence issue or a keyword research issue. You can make an amazing product, but if no one wants it it is pretty useless. Just do a video of you creating an info product outline, I'm sure that would help.
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      I agree with the above posts and I would also add that many newbies get caught not focusing and getting down to the actual work that needs to be done. I know this was a problem of mine when I started.
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        Couple thoughts:
        Newbies sometimes get bogged down in the "technical" details too much. Create a report, make a webpage, and sell a bare minimum.
        I also agree on the confidence...everyone thinks they need to be 10/10 on expertise...yet if you are an 8 on a topic...a lot of 1-7's will listen.
        Also, the organization and act of getting it done...JUST DO IT.


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    I have to agree with the previous posts. The first issue I recall having was not feeling authoritative enough to share certain information with certain people. My first "product" was an e-book on efficient language acquisition. I was 15 at the time and certainly had a passion for the subject, did a ton of research, cited my sources, &c. So, I began researching more until my second issue came to surface: a lack of confidence! Even after studying Anglo-Saxon at Harvard, that e-book is still sitting on an external hard drive waiting for release!

    I consciously make the effort to combat these fears by creating products on subjects that aren't so well-known to me. I suppose the idea is to not get too "intimate" with the topic so as to not feel any shame for slipping on small details and whatnot; after getting so involved, one tends to forget that any knowledge has the potential to be new knowledge for someone else (refer to Brandon's post above).

    Best of luck to you on your report!
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      well, if your question is the biggest obstacles in product creation for a newbie like me (who's better to answer than a real newbie, right?) is that I already find a lot of posts more useful on the net than the one i have in mind . Not only that they are useful, they are also given free, just need to sign up on their newsletter.

      not mentioning a newbie usually don't have a slightest idea how to market his product. So, he actually never started creating an info product, and get his head overloaded with so much info to learn at once.

      I know it cause I'm actually on that position right now.

      Learning stuffs like paypal, clickbank, wordpress, sales page, etc etc...



      William Prawira

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        Wow, Thanks guys! Your advise is invaluable.
        Being a newbie is tough. When you're new at anything, particularly IM, it's really easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount if info out there.
        Anyways, I really appreciate your input.


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    Market research. Don't skip it ever. Here's what I do:

    Find a market niche. Research it. Read what people are saying, especially what people are complaining about. Then create a product that solves that specific problem.

    I see newbies jump straight into developing their product without ever knowing if anyone will buy it. Huge waste of time. I've done this my self; more then once. Never again.
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    I'd say the biggest problem is probably just taking action and not "chickening out"...

    Depending on what type of product they are of the best things a newbie can learn is the ability to really draw a flow chart and create a timeline with milestones...then work on those little milestones until the big project is done.

    Of course, that depends quite a bit on how and what is being produced...but I think project management (even for little products) is a skill that has to be learned early on.

    All the best with your product too!
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    Personally I'd say the launch of the product.

    I know I got so wrapped up in making mine that I totally forgot when I was finally finished it wasn't over yet.

    You need to start building a team to help you with the launch of it, if you plan to be successful.

    A good idea is to offer to mail out for others who are launching at the moment, so that when it comes time to launch yours you'll have some allies, and be able to build some momentum with it.

    Step 1. Product creation
    Step 2. Graphics, sales copy, websites, etc.
    Step 3. Launch

    There are 3 stages to it, and often the one that gets neglected is one of the most important.

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    Market research, developping a product launch plan. Having a plan is really important.

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    In my opinion the obstacles that newbie product creators could potentially face are:

    1. Graphic creation
    2. Writing sales copy
    3. Getting the sales funnel right
    4. Setting up the technical side of things like OTO's, upsells, downsells and payment processing
    And probably more depending on the persons position with regards to outsourcing etc.

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