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Quick question what do you guys do if your list is not responsive at all

i have a list of 130 people give or take in the hip hop niche

and they are not responsive at all

what should i do help me please
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    Honestly at 130 it's hard to have a "Responsive" list.

    The only way to do it is to engage them often, and invest the time building a relationship with them more "one on one"

    What action would you like them to take?

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    Your not exactly dealing with a massive list here, but I would focus on establishing a good relationship with them first. Just spend 3 months sending them some interesting information, and build up some rapport.

    Then you can begin thinking about how to monetize.
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    Like they said, the most important thing about a list is the relationship you have with them. You should to build rapport and give some value to their lives.
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    Why do you say they are unresponsive? Is it because you have barraged them with sales pitches? This will make them unresponsive, in my experience.

    If you want to find out how to make them more responsive, try sending an email to them asking what they want. (make sure the return address works first !)
    You may get some response there. Then start providing the kind of information they requested. After a while, then start with a soft pitch or recommendation now and then.

    Many new marketers have been given the idea that once the get a list going, all they need to do is send out sales pitches. Where would they get this idea? First, many programs or systems don't specify otherwise. Second, many of the "big boys" seem to use this approach. I can't tell you how many lists I've subscribed to have been nothing but sales pitches. No information whatsoever, no attempt to establish rapport, just incessant sales pitches. Does this work? Perhaps if you have a list that numbers in the tens or hundreds of thousands, but for the rest of us, no.

    As others have already mentioned, the key is to establish a rapport with your subscribers, a reputation for providing information and value, before you start pitching to them. Yes, it's a slow process, but rewarding down the road.

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    Great work on building that list of 130...

    The size of the list isn't nearly as important as the relationship you have with that list.

    You could make a really good income with a list of 130 if they absolutely trusted you and believed every word you said.

    Now...that being said, maybe you could tell us a little more about how you built the list and what you have been doing that makes you feel they are unresponsive.

    Then maybe we can help you put some more pieces of the puzzle in play.

    Jack Duncan
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    The best way to have a responsive list is to send them quality information rather than constant sales pitches. If your emails add value then they will be looking forward to your next message.
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