FREE Step-by-Step Website & Product Launch Action Plan and Timeline

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Hey Everybody,

I have a huge amount of Business Management tools, resources, and documents from my many years doing small business turnarounds, and management.

I've just uploaded a FREE download for you - no required opt-in - that's a MS Project document currently saved in pdf format. There's 30 pages of detail.

This FREE step-by-step Website & Product Launch Action Plan and Timeline is a perfect planning tool for offline marketing projects as well as for your own website and product launches.

This 'Website & Product Launch Action Plan and Timeline' gets into a level of detail that's fairly deep. But you can sort out which ideas and tasks are meaningful to you, and toss the rest.

BTW, there's no required opt-in. However, if you do opt-in you'll get free future updates to these documents, and you'll also get notices for new products that I'm in the process of uploading to the Internet. So you may want to opt-in (your choice).

Here's the link... Download here

FREE Website & Product Launch Action Plan


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