Email Drives More Traffic To Retailer Websites Than Social Media

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I just received this article on my email from Webpronews:

Email Drives More Traffic To Retailer Websites Than Social Media | WebProNews

This could open up a very interesting discussion here. In your own experience, which one is more effective (traffic wise), email marketing or Social media?

I would like to read your responses
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    when people are on social media are in a different mind frame and eventually people will get upset with all the marketing, just like the search engines being spammed that google matt cutts is finally taking action.

    But email marketing is more personal and hopefully those who you send the emails to have opted in.

    But Matt Cutts will eventually realize that when he implements the social effect to seo rankings, marketers will already being marketing on that but put in overdrive and those marketers will and are already creating accounts to get ready for this. Maybe he should implement the tracking of the ips that create these social accounts and the rate at which they create friends/followers and then compare to the other web 2.0 sites these ip addresses created and if those web 2.0 accounts have been worked on or logged into in order to determine if the social media accounts are being manipulated as well.

    But email marketing is must smarter long term as well bc you can promote anytime and not only when they are online in their facebook or whatever.
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    I wonder if anyone is actually surprised by this news.

    I am not the least surprised.
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      That can't be true. I'm sure I read in this very forum not more than two weeks ago that eMail was dead.

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    Hard for me to separate them as I see both as part of the same strategy, staying in contact with your customers. They are two hiking trails that lead to the same mountain top. Each are enjoyable and I'll invest in both.

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      Me thinks, social media has a stronger grip on the younger crowd, like the Echo boomers.

      But I agree ... email is more powerful.

      After all... who doesn't check their emails???
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