DIRECTORY OF EZINE Questions please,Help needed, (contacting unreliable list owners?)

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Guys, if you use DOE, Can you please answer these questions below. so that I can get a clearer picture the Fee is so high!

The process of contacting list owners/ezine owners, newsletter owners can be time consuming,
1) many dont reply..and..
2) you have to send emails 4-5 times only to get a rejection!

Question a)
does DOE make this 'delay/chasing up' process easier?

Question b)

If it makes it easier/faster, how does it do this? (for example ,are them Ezine members bound to do a reply to your messages, as part of the DOE membership they are providing?)

Question c)
Are the Ezine members bound to do a deal with you (with me) as part of the DOE membership they are providing?)

Question d)
or just gives a list of directories for you to contact people in the SAME way you would normally?

Question e)
How long does it typically take for the Ezine newsletter owners to Come BACK to you, after you request USING THEIR LIST for a solo ad?

Question f)
Do they all reply back to you, when you contact them for a solo ad?

Question g)
What % of them reply back/approximatley, to your request for a solo ad?

Question h)
How many subscribers have you gained from JUST solo ads from DOE Alone? - approximatley,

(no other list building source, or no other ad service - but just from Lists in the DOE)

for example......100? 250? 500? (more?)

^^ Im sorry about that personal question, but the fee is alot, so i would just like to ask how many subscribers you have gained from DOE Solo ads.

Please can you answer a) b) c) d),
e), f), g) and h) in that format

even if you can just answer some.
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