I Have A List of 3,330 That's Been Dormant For 2 Years... How To Revive It?

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I used to run a personal development online business at UltimateSecretsofSuccess.com (it's no longer online) and in a year I collected a double opt-in list of 3,330 prospects who subscribed to my Law of Attraction e-course.

This is a very responsive list of people with about 2% conversion rate for every product promotion email I sent out (about 20 out of every 1000 people in my list will buy the stuff I sell them via email).

However, just after my list grew to the 3,330 subscribers mark, unfortunately, I went through some personal crises in my life which diverted my time, energy and commitment away from my online business so it's left dormant to this day.

Things are more settled now, and I have the time to go back to this business if I want to, but it's been 2 years since I last contacted that list.

My niche is Law of Attraction, fans of The Secret and also fans of Mark Joyner's Simpleology courses.

Warriors, what do you suggest I do to get back to that long-dormant list of 3,330 responsive, dynamic, positive group of people and resurrect my business?
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      Originally Posted by Paul Barrs View Post

      First things firs you need to email them and tel them why they are getting the email (ie, subscribed last year to 'whatever')

      Then tell them your plans for the list for the future.

      Then ask them to unsubscribe if the new plans no longer suit them.

      Explain to them that you REALLY want them to unsubscribe if they do not want to get your new newsletter (or whatever you are going to use the list for).

      I did this recently while making some changes to my list and lost about 8%. Not too bad - I got to keep the other 92%.

      Paul Barrs
      I've never been in that situation, but that is EXCELLENT advice.

      You not only come off as honest (which you are), but you also show confidence in the value of the content you will be providing.

      Very straight shooter approach that customers appreciate.

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    Paul is right on the money... be up front with them.

    Also, be sure that for the first few mailings you offer nothing more than valuable content. Don't start trying to sell to them right away, instead provide them with great information so they remember why they stuck with you in the first place.

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    I'd agree with Paul and get about about 5 emails of highly valuable content produced/scheduled so you can get them to realize why they signed up in the first place.

    In the future, you should develop a long term followup sequence in place to contact them at least once a week to keep them fresh.

    Good chance people interested in your niche (Law of Attraction, etc) are STILL interested in the subject so I think you've got something that you can be salvaged, got back on track, and starting to grow again.

    Best wishes and if I can be of any help...the PM is always there.


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    Thanks for starting this thread. I'm in a similar position and was actually thinking of selling my site and list. But I know it would be worth it in the long run to revitalize it and keep it going. Thanks a lot
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