ReCAPTCHA - Has It Been Cracked?

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I did change the usual image verification to recaptcha about year ago and I did enjoy 12 month spam free period up to this January. In January I did noticed a sudden increase in signups whit strange usernames like ‘KskdiiixdsssMy’ and from my experience I know that normal users wont really use usernames like that and to confirm my suspicions when Googling the email and IP address 90% of the new users turned out to be spammers. The only explanation for this is that thy have finally manage to crack the recaptcha. Does anybody who are using recaptcha is having a similar experience?

If the recapcha have been cracked then most likely Google will improve it but I don’t know how complex they can make it as I am really struggling to read it as it ease and sometimes I have to refresh it 3-4 times before I get it right. Don’t really know what the solution would be.:confused:
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    There are many Russian websites out there that pay people for filling in catpchas. That's what decaptcher does for Recaptcha requests.

    The only uncrackable captcha out there is Microsoft's Asirra where the user has to mark all the dogs, or cats in a set of 12 pictures taken from Petfinder's database.
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      I never really thought of that, that there is army of people doing it manually but I am not surprised at all.

      But it could also be that spammers who are running those large botnets have cracked it partially and even with the really small success rate they would still be able to send out lot of spam.
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