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if i have found a niche how can i get my info in frount of them ???
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    make a website?
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    There are many ways! One way is to be active in a forum about that niche where other people share the same interest. Offer good advice, and soon enough you will see people from that forum visiting your website.
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    create a website, write some articles and do seo for your site
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    Sounds easy doesn't it! It's a lot of work but finally down the line once you start getting traffic, you can start monitizing it. I started my first website a year and a half ago, really started working it more often about a year ago. Now I'm at about 200 visitors a day on my site. However, I learned late in the game of building this website, to build it around a topic that you can monitize.

    Also, using Wordpress is way simpler than what I started out using which was Joomla. Wordpress is quick and easy to get a site up, running, and getting traffic.
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    Make a 1 page website with a opt in form. Try and give something away such as a free eBook related to your list. Then send out a weekly newsletter with tips and advice on your niche.

    You need to start getting some traffic to your list.

    Classified Adverts
    Article Marketing
    Social Media

    Hope this helps
    No affiliate links in sigs.
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    Creating a blog on that which will be smart move. And then you can move to higher platform.

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