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Can anybody tell me where i can find tutorials about how to use wordpress and plugins

Many Thanks

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    hey, what have you tried so far? pretty basic advice but a search like 'wordpress help' or 'wordpress tutorials' would offer you a few options, then go with the one you understand best.

    What kind of Im are you doing? some affiliate networks offer tutorials and guides when you join up. Its win win for you, you learn about wordpress and you may even make money by promoting thier products!
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      Hi Marko,

      There are a lot of free Wordpress tutorials on the internet. Just Google it and you can find helpful sites.

      You can also find the Wordpress blogs and forum to help you out if you have problems encountered.

      Good luck buddy!

      ~Bruce Smith
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    Watch a few tutorials and get playing around. Like I keep telling my parents when they don't know how to do something, you are not going to blow anything up. I learnt most of what I know by just doing things wrong and learning the way not to do things.
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    i would either google 'wordpress plugin help' or similar...

    or maybe try a youtube video search...there are usually a lot of how to videos which can help answer such questions.
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    each plugins has a different manual
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      Thanks guy

      your help is much appreciated

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    Is there any wordpress pro's in here? I've got some issues with some of my blogs that need to be fixed.
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    If you get really stuck, try using 'fiverr' I've had people put my blog right for $5.00 - just make sure you look for someone who has had quite a few 'thumbs up' : )
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