Which course on infoproducts and e-marketing?

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hi, I want to write ebooks and infoproducts on music and am looking for a course that's very 'to the point' (if it even exists). Currently I am checking 'Get Ignition' by Eben Pagan, and it is very good, probably better than many other 'fluffy' courses.

But I always find that these 'gurus' take 22 hours to explain things that could have been explained in far less time. They tell you about their life story, what happened to their friend, etc....who cares? Time is all I have and I am 36 , live in a broken apartment, and got out of benefits 2 years ago as I was ill (still am, but started working as self employed since then and I don't regret it a bit).

Please, can you name some very effective courses on e-marketing and how to develop and market infoproducts, write ebooks, step-by-step (as it can reasonably be, since nothing in business is so 'linear', as far as I know)

I am sticking to the Eben Pagan course for now but I wish I could find something that is even more fast-paced. If there is such a product, that is.


ps. I am not earning much but I am willing to pay for the best program I can get. I want the quality rather than expecting a great product for peanuts...
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  • actually I am reading really good reviews about this product by Eben Pagan. I think I will stick to it and invest the time needed. Any other recommendations, let me know. I try to keep an open mind. Thanks
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    I'd suggest you try and get your hands on a copy of an old course called "Info Millions" by Bob Serling.

    It's really a golden oldie and I purchased my copy years ago...but it is still a great course and covers what you really need to know.

    Bob is an excellent teacher and one of the internet marketing greats.

    One of the first things I did with my copy was head down to Kinko's and get it printed and bound...and it been like "and old friend" for many years now.

    Hope this helps and best of luck to you!

    Sell a million,
    Jack Duncan
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    Hi rise_more_and_more, Sandy here..

    I'm pretty sure I can help with what you mentioned in your post.
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  • Hi there,

    I highly recommend a guy called Chris Farrell. I learned everything and still am learning from this man. You have to be a member of his membership site but you get 7 days for a very discounted price and that will give you time to have a look at everything he has to offer before you commit. In fact he has numerous training videos that are available to non-members too.

    Definatley worth taking a look. Good luck
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  • thanks for the recommendations, will check them out.
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