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Hi Warriors,

Experienced warriors don't need to read this - it's for struggling beginners who are looking for a system that will guarantee they make money.

So, you've looked around and you've seen that lots of people appear to be sat at home in their underwear making tens of thousands of dollars a month with very little work and although you don't have any money to spend you've shelled-out a few hundred bucks on WSOs and systems people are selling - but not really made any proper money?

This is VERY common. Do NOT think you're special if this is you - this is most people. (even some of the people who are selling "how to make money" stuff to you.

You're pretty sure that there's money to be made and although you know there are some scammers out there lying about their income to sell you stuff, you also know that there must be 'some' people actually making it work.

If you've been a member here for very long you've probably seen plenty of people apparently doing ok - so what's that about? what's wrong with your efforts?

All you want is someone who's making money to show you the exact steps to get you started too - is that too much to ask?

Actually it's the wrong question. THAT is the real problem.

The truth of the matter is - most people are not making much (if any) money online. Because they're looking for the same answer as you.

There ARE people who will share with you what is working / has worked for them - and in some cases you literally can copy their actions and make some money. But that's not going to happen for most people.

So - where does that leave you?

YOU are responsible for YOUR results.

It's not someone else's responsibility to give you your business - or give you their business. In most cases their business is not right for you anyway and even if you copied them you wouldn't get the results they get.

There are a lot of reasons for this.

By now - if you've tried a few things and not made money you've probably already lined up a nice list of excuses why this is not your fault. You may already be blaming certain product owners for letting you down when they sold you a dream but you never made any money.

The real problem is that you've deligated the responsibility for your success to other people who have no real reason to care about you or your success - unless you're paying them.

Think about this rationally - if you owned a pizza shop, would you expect to ask all the other pizza shops to tell you all the details of their business so that you could copy it?

No business owner in their right mind would tell you all the details of their business unless you were an investor or an accountant. Especially not if you're a potential competitor.

Your expectations are unrealistic. Other people are not likely to tell you what you need to know.

So - what is online business anyway? how do you know where to start and what to expect?

YOU are the only one with your answer to that.

There are hundreds of different business models - I've tested most of them. Most of them make money to different extents.

If you're currently not making any money it's because you're not offering enough value to other people.

Take a serious look at what you're doing - who's getting the value you're creating - and what is a 'realistic' expectation from that.

Look at how you spend your days - what your activities are - if you're honest you'll probably see that the results you want can not come from the activities you're doing.

What does this mean?

Find something you enjoy and that others will pay for and you can be making money today.

You've seen all the WSOs offering services. You've seen people telling others to go to to get stuff done, you've seen the warriors for hire section - warriors are spending money every minute of everyday to get value from providers.

If you're not making money - you're just not offering enough value or to the right people.

You can look on Google any time of any day and see people spending money.

Look where to money is flowing and put yourself in its path.

If you want to be an affiliate - make sure you add value. Don't just expect people to give you money without you adding/creating value.

Find people who are buying and give them what they want.

There are hundreds of ways to do this and it's up to you to pick what suits you.

No-one else has your business model ready for you - it's up to you to create it and stick to it until you get results - then test and tweak until you get better results - then rinse and repeat.

Stop looking for others to tell you and just use your brain - it's much easier than you think.

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    Great post Andy. Unfortunately I guess it will fall on deaf ears but still worth repeating for the small percentage that take notice. The answer to everything is in this simple sentence you made..

    "Find people who are buying and give them what they want"

    If you aren't making money, something, somewhere in those few words, isn't working. Instead of looking for new methods, find the problem in those words above and fix it, give it your all to figure out that one thing. Take every wso, every MMO product and every business back to it's root, you end up with that sentence. Every method works. If it doesn't, then you aren't finding the people or you aren't offering what they want. Sounds cliché, but keep coming back and asking that same question until you figure it out.
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